R3publicans: US decline ongoing but it remains the undisputed military master

Despite widely held views, American regression has long been taking place.


October 11, 2017

The United States’ decline can be traced as far back as 1949, when the world’s dominant power unexpectedly suffered the “loss” of China. It was a monumental early blow to US strategic planners, who were carefully executing dreams of unchallenged global dominance.

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R3publicans: How to Talk to Your Teen About Colluding With Russia

Here are a few tips for engaging in a healthy conversation with your teen about the hazards of colluding with Russia:

Tom Russell
Wed, Oct 11, 2017

Even the best-behaved teen is likely to encounter a situation where he or she is tempted to collude with Russia.

Unfortunately for parents, a teen’s natural tendency to test the limits of independence can often manifest itself in his or her exchanging sensitive information with Russian emissaries for material or other rewards.

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R3publicans:  The Mystery Deepens

The Mystery Deepens

Paul Craig Roberts

Forensic Acoustic Analysis Points to Existence of a Second Shooter:


This analysis seems to make sense. If it has been done correctly, it is evidence of a second Las Vegas shooter. It is evidence not only of two sets of gunshots but of bullets hitting the ground from two different distances. So unless the bullets were being fired into the ground only, it seems people will have been hit.

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R3publicans:  A ‘War’ Has Been Declared On The Republican Establishment, And We Are Going To Win

BY IWB · OCTOBER 10, 2017

By Michael Snyder

It is time to flush the toilet in Washington D.C., and I am so glad that Steve Bannon has decided to declare “war” on the Republican establishment. For decades, these globalists have told us what we want to hear during election season, but then once they take office they betray us over and over again. It is time to hold Republican members of Congress responsible for betraying the base, and I am so thankful that Bannon is organizing anti-establishment candidates into a cohesive movement. We are going to challenge Republican incumbents all over the nation in 2018, and we are going to win over and over again.

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R3publicans:  The Stories We Tell About Money

Andreas is a great story teller and has a way of explaining Bitcoin that the uninitiated can understand. He recounts the history of Bitcoin and what it represents, building upon all the stories we’ve been told over the centuries about what “money” is, how we perceive its value, and why the old answers have changed […]

Have you ever wondered why our society is getting more violent and crazy every day? What if this violence and craziness was perpetrated for a reason other than what is told to us. What if there were powerful people that wanted to move popular opinion in one way or another, how might they accomplish this?

One way is “False Flags”.

What is a False Flag you may ask? Well the term False Flag originated when one country had a ship that hoisted the flag of another nation just to attack a third nation. The result was often war between two relatively innocent nations and the actual perpetrator sat back and enjoyed the destruction of two rival nations. Today the term False Flag is used when a covert action is done where someone other than the original perpetrators are blamed. Watch the following video to see how you might identify a False Flag.


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R3publicans: Best Ways to Connect with R3publicans Online: Important Update!

We are loosing our Dreamhost Email system (RPnewsletter) which has been a tremendous gift in recent years.  We are not currently doing much email, but this is just to let everyone know the best ways to stay in touch in light of this change!

On this website (R3publican), we have two feeds which you can pick to use as you wish:

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R3publicans  Best Ways to Connect with R3publicans Online: Important Update!

Alex Witoslawski, American Renaissance, October 4, 2017

Not Donald Trump.

Puerto Ricans are blaming President Trump for the fact that two weeks after Hurricane Maria, their island is still a mess: power outages, flooding, fuel shortages, spotty cell service, washed out bridges, roads blocked by fallen trees. But who is really to blame for the island’s paralysis?

read more at https://www.amren.com/commentary/2017/10/whos-to-blame-for-the-mess-in-puerto-rico-donald-trump/

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