Democrat’s Suburban Shift

David Montgomery at CityLab has a killer map showing suburban congressional districts represented by Democrats. They’re a big chunk of the country. And he says almost all of the 33 seats Democrats picked up on Tuesday were in suburban districts: Democrats retook the House of Representatives on the back of a suburban surge Tuesday, remaking

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Oklahoma Watchman:  The Best Justice you Can Buy


Your chances off getting a fair trial in Oklahoma are only about 40%. That is a conclusion drawn by this Newsletter when you appear in front of any district j…

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A Little Known Story about Kevin Stitt Surfaces

I just spoke with Marlene Klepper, who made the video below recently.  I  linked up with her on facebook in order to confirm this report of Kevin Stitt’s prayerful generosity which she so sweetly documented.   The video was sent to me by my friend, Richard Ely. It is a personal testimony of an act not promoted by Kevin Stitt’s campaign, although they could have.  It was told because it is important and gives insight to his character.  It was important to Marlene to get it out and seems important to me to share.   I  have already voted for him (voted during early voting) so it merely confirmed my vote but some of you may still be seeking info — so here is the video.

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FGST:  Sample Ballot for Washington County OK – General Election 2018 – Vote Nov 6th

General Election (Nov 6th) info for Washington County Oklahoma, sample ballots and early voting information. My take on candidates, judicial retentions, state questions, and Bartlesville City Council Ward 4 seat.

Posted with prayers for all the candidates and all the voters.  May we see things the way He sees things and love our neighbors even as we vote!

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STATE QUESTION 793IS IT GOOD FOR OKLAHOMANSTHE WATCHMANWhat brought this to our attention was the many commercials in support of SQ 793 and the sparse commercials from those who0 are opposed to this State Question. There is a saying in politics that sa…

THE RACE FOR GOVERNORPART 3THE WATCHMAN  We begin this story about Kevin Stitt and some of the background of the candidate. We fail to see how we ever went from the lesser of two evils to the lesser of three evils, but we have. We have a hard time…

Amid fallen trees and debris, chainsaw ministry carves out hope and faith with each cut

ROCKY POINT, NC (WECT) – Their mission is twofold: to share faith, and clear limbs.
A disaster relief team from Oklahoma is helping residents whose homes are threatened by trees or those that are looking a bit precarious. Before a single cut is made though, it’s hats off and hand-in-hand for prayer.

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h/t Disaster Relief Team – Bartlesville

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Return to Civility

According to Rasmussen Voters disagree with Hillary’s endorsement of incivility while Republicans are in control. Return to Civility But, “unlike her, they don’t expect a return to civility if Democrats return to power in Congress.”

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