Washington’s Matrix Is Closing Down Truth Throughout the Western World

Paul Craig Roberts

For a number of years I have emphasized that 9/11 was used by Dick Cheney to significantly reduce the public’s, the judiciary’s, and Congress’ access to information about what the executive branch is doing, thereby preventing legal, legislative, and electoral action against the unlawful and unconstitutional behavior of the executive branch during the Cheney/Bush and Obama regimes.

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Oklahoma Watchman:  Sen. Sharp's Inner RINO


If you want to know how corrupt an organization is, all you need to do is follow the money. We did that with Senator Ron Sharp. What we found is a conflict of interest between his duties that defy…

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R3publicans:  The New York Times as Iago Undermining Peace Efforts by Sowing Suspicion

Diana Johnstone

The New York Times continues to outdo itself in the production of fake news. There is no more reliable source of fake news than the intelligence services, which regularly provide their pet outlets (NYT and WaPo) with sensational stories that are as unverifiable as their sources are anonymous. A prize example was the August 24 report that US intelligence agencies don’t know anything about Russia’s plans to mess up our November elections because “informants close to … Putin and in the Kremlin” aren’t saying anything. Not knowing anything about something for which there is no evidence is a rare scoop.

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R3publicans:  Trump Saboteur Op-Ed Backfires

An op-ed written in the New York Times by an anonymous “senior official in the Trump administration” has drawn harsh rebuke from both sides of the aisle and beyond – after everyone from President Trump to Glenn Greenwald to the Los Angeles Times chimed in with various criticisms.

The author, who claims to be actively working against Trump in collusion with other senior officials in what they call a “resistance inside the Trump administration,” has now been labeled everything from a coward, to treasonous, to nonexistent.

Trump, as expected, lashed out at the “failing” New York Times – before questioning whether the the mystery official really exists, and that if they do, the New York Times should reveal the author’s identity as a matter of national security.

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R3publicans/New York Times Op-Ed: Anonymous ‘Senior Official’ Admits White House Staff Working Against President Trump

The New York Times published an anonymous op-ed from a member of the Trump administration who declared him or herself “part of the Resistance inside the Trump administration” Wednesday afternoon.

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OCPA president on Edmondson and Boren's call for higher taxes

OCPA president responds to Edmondson, Boren press conferenceAfter former officials David Boren and Drew Edmondson held a press conference on education, Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), released the following t…

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Schlomach: Oklahoma’s Pre-K - Spending a Lot for Less

Oklahoma’s Pre-K: Spending a Lot for Less
by Byron Schlomach

In 2015, 75 percent of Oklahoma’s 4 year olds were enrolled in public school prekindergarten. Only two states, Vermont and Florida, enrolled a higher percentage. Meanwhile, 26 states enrolled f…

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R3publicans:  What If Everything We’ve Been Told About Recent History Is a Lie?

“Behind the War on Terror is a strategic plan crafted decades in advance to redraw the map of the Middle East. 9/11 was a false-flag operation blamed on Muslims …”

Chuck Baldwin

He is a relentless foe of neoconservatism and frequently criticizes the neocon hostility towards Russia. His views are representative of an influential and substantial part of Trump’s popular support.

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