Will Fourkiller is seen her with Dan Kirby, and the assistant who later charged that Kirby sexually harassed her. A list of candidate withdrawals   Without any fanfare or press release, Will Fourkiller has withdrawn his candidacy for reelection this year. The incumbent was facing 2 challengers within his party and a Republican nominee in the general election.  Fourkiller became the 2nd named member of the House to be inve […]

  The Oklahoma State Election board held a marathon docket of hearings today. At issue were 15 contests of candidacy for various elections ranging from district judge to legislator, to State Attorney General.  At 9am the contestants and contestees were all required to be at room 230 of the state capitol for a roll call of sorts and to demonstrate that they would even have the right to make their case.  The election board secretary, Paul Ziriax, announced 2 cases were settled…

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PolitiFact’s Double Standardby OCPA Fellow and Executive Vice President Trent EnglandWhen I moved to Oklahoma, I got a raise simply because things cost less here than in the Seattle area where I grew up. Housing, especially, is cheaper here than anywhe…

OK2A:  Action Alert - Time to Support Constitutional Carry - Make Calls Today!

It’s time to call your legislators and politely ask them to support and coauthor SB1212. There is a ton of opposition to this bill. Countless companies and organizations have used their public influence to attempt to persuade people to contact Oklahoma representatives and law makers to say NO to SB1212. The Daily Oklahoman and the OKC Chamber of Commerce have grossly misrepresented what is contained in the bill in order to mislead the masses and to get them to side with the anti-gunners. We’ve been told the anti-gunners are blowing up the phones at the Capitol, and we need to at least do the same. Call every representative regardless if they are Republican or Democrat—some Democrats have voted YES on OK2A bills!

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GiN/NE Medicaid Expansion:  Birth of an Entitlement Nation

The purpose of this article is to sketch a short history of Medicaid.  Why?

“We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future.”     — William Lund

Nebraskans are, even now, being asked to sign a petition to put the question of whether to expand the state’s Medicaid program on the ballot and, if a sufficient number of signatures are secured, we all will be asked to vote the proposition up or down in the November general election.  It is impossible to make an informed decision on this issue without examining the life cycle of the Medicaid program:  its birth and subsequent development, how it looks today, and where the proponents of Medicaid expansion would have us take it in the future.  This article will address Medicaid’s creation and subsequent development.  Two future articles will describe where the program currently stands within the state and how the Nebraska Medicaid program will look if expanded as proposed in the initiative petition.[…]

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