MuskogeePolitico:  OCPA offers ‘a plan that can pass’

OCPA offers ‘a plan that can pass’

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 12, 2018)

— On Monday, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) offered a revenue plan in hopes of breaking the tax-and-budget impasse at the state Capitol.“Oklahomans want to see teachers rece…

[Editor’s note: Just because we publish an article does not mean we endorse it. This still contains tax increases and we wouldn’t recommend one more dime before Oklahoma gets spending under control if then. /sc]

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Spiropoulos: Frustrated and fed up

by Andrew Spiropoulos

Gov. Mary Fallin has had enough. She is frustrated with a legislature that cannot muster sufficient votes to enact even popular policies like taxing tobacco or increasing teacher pay. I know how she feels. I’m …

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MuskogeePolitico/OCPA's Small: Foolish Hollywood Handouts

Foolish Hollywood handoutsby OCPA President Jonathan SmallHollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein may face criminal charges from Los Angles to London. If he does, he can pay part of his legal bills with money from Oklahoma taxpayers.That’s right. Oklahomans s…

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MuskogeePolitico/OCPA: Resolutions for 2018

Resolutions for 2018
by OCPA President Jonathan Small

More exercise, fewer fibs, a better diet, and abandoning what doesn’t work – individual Oklahomans have New Year’s resolutions, so why not state government? Here are four suggestions.First: More exerc…

MuskogeePolitico/Small: SQ 640 protects taxpayers

SQ 640 protects taxpayersby OCPA President Jonathan SmallIf you want to regulate speech, you belittle the First Amendment. If you want to confiscate guns, you vilify the Second Amendment.In Oklahoma, if you want to reach into taxpayers’ wallets for mor…