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Cleveland County GOP Chair Blasts Fake Republicans (video link updated)

  At the Cleveland County GOP convention, today; Chairman Dave Spaulding chastized several of the party’s state and local leaders for failing to govern by the principles of the party and their campaign promises. It was obvious that the local state senator, Anthony Sykes was a clear target of the outgoing chairman’s stern rebuke. Civil Asset forfeiture was condemned from the podium, and Spaulding went further to repremand […]

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Sooner Republican Assembly Endorses Slate Of Constitutionalist Candidates

  The Oklahoma City Metro group of  Republicans who make up the panelists of the Sooner Republican Assembly met Saturday May 21st, to deliberate and endorse candidates in several key races.​Among their endorsements were;District 1 Congressman, Jim Bridenstine (incumbent)District 2 challenger, Jarrin JacksonDistrict 4 challenger, James TaylorDistrict 5 challenger, Frank VolpeNo endorsement was made in the District 3 race.For Corporation Commission: Dan […]

Earthquakes near Spencer Oklahoma measuring up to 3.3 on Richter Scale


Earthquake tremors in Oklahoma

The ground in the state continues to rumble as a new round of earthquakes shake up central Oklahoma on Sunday.

The most recent earthquake struck just before 8 p.m. three miles north of the town of Spencer, Okla., 11 miles northeast of the OKC metro. It weighed in at 3.3 on the Richter Scale, and was recorded at a depth of just over four miles.

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The Oklahoma Geological Survey recorded 16 earthquakes centered around Edmond, Jones and Spencer early Saturday morning. At least five more have hit since then.

11/2/2013 Related Story: Oklahoma Geological Survey Records 16 Quakes Around OKC

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Lori Steen Precinct Chair and RNC 2012 Delegate from Cleveland County Endorses Amanda Teegarden

It is an honor and a pleasure to endorse Amanda Teegarden for Oklahoma State Chair. Grassroots activism is the heart of the Republican Party and I can think of no one more committed to grassroots activism than Amanda. She has been in the trenches fighting the good fight alongside so many wonderful grassroots activists across our great State. She has proven that she is committed to excellence, integrity, and accountability — qualities that our Party desperately needs at this critical time. With her ability to educate on important issues, experience with activating the grassroots in support of candidates and causes, and ability to unite various factions behind common conservative goals, I believe that Amanda will be an incredible asset to the Oklahoma Republican Party. I not only believe that she is capable, I believe she is exactly the type of leader that we need to grow our party without sacrificing our principles. I support Amanda Teegarden with full confidence.