Jason Murphey:  We Have a LOT of Travel

“We have a LOT of travel! There are a lot of savings to be found in this area.” I could hear the excitement in the voice of the State Purchasing Director as he made this statement. He enjoyed the opportunity to save money for taxpayers and he was…

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FGST: Revival Must Lead to Reformation!  Video with Lance Wallnau

Revival must lead to reformation so we can truly occupy until He returns – here’s why! Please watch and share this important timely message from Lance Wallnau. #betheheadandnotthetail

We need you now more than ever! Let’s continue to pray for the president & the revival & the reformation that has begun. The greatest enemy is not the opposition – the greatest enemy is our ignorance of what this move of God looks like. Here are three key insights to share with others …

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Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Revival Must Lead to Reformation! Video with Lance Wallnau

Jason Murphey: An Attitude of Gratitude

Observing the Legislature over the past 11 years have given me much perspective. I now have a tremendous appreciation for those courageous legislators who are willing to defend the taxpayer interests even under the most difficult of…