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Sooner Politics: Finally, The Budget Solution That Will Pass

The House leadership signaled this weekend that they are going to pass a budget that relies on living within our means.Most of the Platform Caucus members will be supporting it. Rep. Murphey evidently will not. The sticking point for Murphey is the one added tax hike on a specified class of petroleum production.  The House session is this morning. It can be viewed live at: The bill is available here: http://www.oklegisla […]

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Sooner Politics: The "Within Our Means" Budget Gets A Vote

  Oklahoma Watch has a well-written article, describing the newest budget proposal House Bill 1019. We call it the “Within Our Means” budget, because it does not add more state spending, incur more debt, create new tax plans. This is a reflection of the voices of the budget hawks, both within the legislature and in the local coffee shops around the state. Here’s some of the article.​  Oklahoma lawmakers unveiled a new budget plan on Monday that would cut millions of dolla […]

Michael Bates: The Tulsa Charter Change Election November 14, 2017

  I reached out to Michael Bates about a month ago, regarding the efforts of the Tulsa City Council, to make several changes to the city charter.  That election is scheduled for next Tuesday. There has not been much said about the election, and even less explained about the substantive changes being made.  Michael Bates does a great analysis and I don’t think many Tulsans could explain the details like he can. Listen to his radio interview with Pat Cam […]

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Sooner Politics: The Two Approaches to Budgeting

Former Florida Speaker, Daniel Webster  There is a fundamental divide in legislatures. And whoever the leader of a legislative body is, will determine how the budget is developed.  Oklahoma has rarely had a conservative budgeting process. It usually has devolved to a 3-month brainwashing of the legislators with a constant drip of doomsday projections. Then, in mid May the meat cleaver comes out and starts hacking away a […]

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Sooner Politics:  Dave Rader Wants To Change Oklahoma Constitution On Taxes

  The former football coach who now sits in the Oklahoma Senate now wants to end an arrangement that his legislature has seldom ever exercised. He wants to raise our taxes without asking our permission.  He posts rarely on social media, but he took the time and effort this past week to make his point.  In common theme with so many progressive arguments, he compares Oklahoma to the other states and declares us yet again to be 49th, in his way of thinkin […]

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Sooner Politics: Bipartisan Group Defeats Largest Tax Increase In Century

  This afternoon, a group of Republicans and Democrats prevented the legislature from forcing a heavy new series of taxes on the people and businesses of Oklahoma. The measure will now have to be presented to the voters for their decision.  About 25 years ago, the people of Oklahoma made that requirement necessary after the legislature of 1991 pressed through a heavy tax increase package known as “House Bill 1017”. The taxpayers rights are secured because of the defense provided…

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Sooner Politics: 'Seeking Candidates With Values' - Grassroots Gearing Up For Elections

The Tulsa Republican Assembly is beginning an effort to return the legislature to OKGOP values. They are teaming up with the House Platform Caucus and seeking candidates & local campaign teams. Here is their press release: With most of the Republicans in the legislature abandoning the values of of the Republican Party, It falls upon the grassroots of the party to seek better options. Fortunately, there is a core group of legislators in both chambers of the legislature who join us in…

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Sooner Politics: Breaking - Senate Passes Massive Taxes By 77% Margin

  Late this afternoon, the Oklahoma Senate met in session.Budget Committee Chair, Kim David; moved to amend HB1035x, by substituting an attached floor substitute for the title, enacting clause and entire body of the measure, which amendment was declared adopted.  Then the senate substitute of HB 1035x was read at length.On the question of passage of the bill, the vote resulted as follows:Aye:      AllenBassBergstromBiceBoggsBrooksBrownDavidDuggerFieldsFloy […]