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Tulsa Sheriff; "We Will Appeal Williams Judgment"

​  Sheriff Vic Regalado told a grassroots Civic group that his legal team will seek an appeal of a jury verdict which awarded the Williams estate a $10 million judgment for wrongful death.  Regalado told The Tulsa 912 Project members that the medical provider was responsible. I asked if another separate suit will be likely with the TCSO as the plaintiff, seeking damages from the old medical contractor, which lost t […]

Branch Drops Out of Chairman Race, Endorses McLain

  David McLain picked up his 2nd endorsement from a former rival in the race for Tulsa County Republican Party Chairman.  Last night Allen Branch officially ended his 2nd effort to become chairman and this time he did so with confidence that David McLain is the right person to fill the post.  Branch notified media of his decision and added; ​  “David and I share the same committment to rebu […]

SoonerPolitics Endorsement: McLain-Flattem For Tulsa GOP

  Tulsa Republicans have a clear choice for the future leadership of the party. The publisher of SoonerPolitics strongly endorses David McLain and Terry Flattem.   While the political candidates and elected officials face difficult decisions in municipal, county, state, and national issues; the party must be thriving with openness, resolute principles, and cooperative energy. That has been desperately missing at the county GOP.  David McLain is a form […]

Tulsa GOP Convention Preview

David & Alee McLain  Tonight, the Tulsa Area Republican Assemblies held a Convention Preview just days ahead of the Saturday County Convention. Every elective office in the party appears to be up for grabs. All the current office holders are so far indicating that they are not seeking to keep their office. Allen Branch   David McLain spoke to the crowded hall about why he is stepping up to run for County Chairman. McLain […]

'Tough On Crime' Just Cost Tulsa Homeowners Another  $10 Million

  County Jails are for dangerous people. That’s why it’s a terrible solution for seriously ill people. Elliot Williams was a fine American man. He served in our military and stayed out of trouble. He was a devoted father. His family was just awarded a $10 million dollar judgment for perhaps the cruelest torture ever applied to an Oklahoman.  He got sick, and he got punished severely for it.  Unlike other illnes […]

House Democrats Resume 'Hunger Strike'

  The House today voted to pass the Jon Echols ‘Real ID’ compromise bill (HB1465). It advanced on nearly a straight party line  vote.   What we begin to see is a Democrat party trying one more time to evoke a parliamentary ‘hunger strike’. they refuse to support Republican measures of any type unless and until there is a vote to hike oil production taxes.  Never mind that a few weeks ago the Republicans largely supported Dem. Eric Procto […]

  Representatives Kevin McDugle and Carol Bush along with Sen. David Holt, have two bills nearing a floor vote, this week.(HB1468, HB1470) They are a lawyer’s dream. The two freshmen legislators teamed up to provide a proposed statute giving lawyers and plaintiffs up to 40+ years to file a lawsuit claiming, among other things, certain emotional damages suffered in childhood.​  The intention was to give children who suffer sexual abuse a longer period […]

A New Day At the Tulsa Jail

by David van Risseghem  Tulsa – I’ve been very busy the past few weeks. As well as being an activist and journalist, I am an advocate for a better public policy on mental illness. It is a huge issue with massive needs. But we measure success in baby steps. The Tulsa County Jail’s new mental health unit is one of those baby steps.   As a member of NAMI Tulsa, I reached out to Sheriff Regalado and his medical staff(Turnkey) about the matter and we offe […]