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Sooner Politics:  The Coming Redistricting Debates

 Oklahoma has experienced a significant population shift in the last 9 years. In just 10 months the federal govt. will commission yet another census of the nation’s inhabitants for the purpose of insuring equal representation of the government and the delivery of resources & services.  When those results are delivered to the states, the 58th Oklahoma legislature will be tasked with drawing all new lines for every electoral subdivision.  From the local town councils…

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Governor Expected To Sign New Medical Marijuana Bill

  The Oklahoma senate gave final passage to a broad statutory overhaul bill to replace the current Medical Marijuana Law that was passed as SQ788, last june.  The measure changes several parts of the rollout parameters both in the text of SQ788 and the emergency rules of the Oklahoma Health Dept.  This 90 page proposal broadens some interpretations while removing many protections of privacy and employment.  Several representatives of Medical Marijuana Businesses(MMBs)…

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Russell Hunter Releases Statement Regarding His Arrest

  Today, T. Russell Hunter, of the Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) published this response to the news reports of his arrest on driving under the influence. T. Russell Hunter “I am more sinful and more in need of a savior than you could ever write in you tabloid. But Christ is a great savior and I know Him well. The indiscretion and super poor judgement of driving home from my studio that evening wa […]

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Liquor Still Brings Down Political Figures

Oklahoma courts recently adjudicated some cases which ought to embarrass our people. Those who challenged us to step up to their standards of conduct,  seem to have been trying to hide their worst moments regarding their weakest attributes.  At a time when other lawmakers loosened up liquor laws, these and other state & local leaders reveal that liquor has severe dangers when placed into the wrong hands.  Russell Hunter is known for lecturing pro life legislators and even…

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Six State Performance Audits Finally Revealed

  SoonerPolitics has secured the unpublished 6 audits commissioned by the Oklahoma Agency Performance & Accountability Commission(APAC). The APAC report was not completed by early January as was expected to be released well before the 2019 legislative session began.  On February 11th, The Commission did finally complete their summary report and send it to the Governor, House, & Senate. It did not reach the recipi […]

House Passes Major Agency Reform Bills

  This afternoon Majority Floor Leader, Jon Echols, presented a series of bills to fundamentally change the top structure of 5 state agencies which currently are completely managed by unelected boards. His language empowers the legislature and the governor to select the board members and allow the governor to directly appoint the commissioner with advice & consent of the senate. The governor may remove the commissioner at will and set the commissioner salary. The legislature would also…

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SQ780 Goes Retro - Resentencing Bill Advance

  The voters of Oklahoma have recently been leading the legislature on a few issues. One such matter is on criminal justice reform. Too many lawmakers have fallen for the intimidation from prosecutors and private prison lobbyists who suggest that the next election cycle will feature 3rd party expenditures claiming that the incumbent is ‘soft on crime’.    But two lawmakers are willing to face down this intimidation. Majority floor leader Jon Echols is working with Democrat Re […]

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