There is No Cure for Washington’s Arrogance

Public health leaders are calling for the appointment of a commission to investigate the failures of Covid-19 policies. But many of the most destructive edicts originated from the presumption that all Americans should bow to their superiors. There will be no reduction of Washingtonians’ arrogance no matter how many pandemic pratfalls are exposed.

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Why were so many smart people so servile and intolerant during Covid-19 crackdowns? Federal pandemic follies were the natural result of the swagger of America’s self-proclaimed Best and Brightest.

From the start, resistance to Covid edicts was taken as proof of ignorance or depravity. When anti-lockdown protestors rallied in the Spring of 2020, the media derided them. A Democratic congressional candidate proclaimed his hope that Covid would “disproportionately kill many” of the demonstrators – a sentiment echoed by many people on social media.


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