OKGrassroots Policy Summary



  • Restore limited government in pursuance of the principles in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, according to their original meaning
  • Inform ourselves and others, motivate, and activate more people
  • Network with others of like minds to maximize effectiveness


  • Layered Principles
  • Ethical and moral foundation
  • Truth Seeking
  • Employing critical and analytical thinking, using primary sources, healthy skepticism
  • A belief in Constitutional originalism and unique nature of the American system
  • Acknowledge source of our rights is our Creator – God
  • Respect for free will, account for human nature and history
  • Respect for rule of law
  • Nation of laws, not men’s opinions; all must abide by the law; use proper process to make changes

Decisions based on the foundation:

Sound development of issues and public policy positions

Operating style and policies

Effective strategies

Operating style and policies:

  • Model appropriate practices and actions for others
  • Encourage critical and analytical thinking, healthy skepticism, and verification
  • Model proper research practices; investigate thoroughly, leave door open if all facts not confirmed, acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly
  • Present information with primary sources cited / linked, encourage people to verify themselves

Echo Constitutional originalism in structure, practices, strategies

  • Limited governance
  • Avoid implementing complex bureaucracy – implement only as much structure necessary to function effectively

Nationalism (centralization) vs Federalism

A nationalism approach…

  • National groups, especially those which are D.C. based tend to be centralized, top-down, and have national focus
  • National groups tend to serve the interests of establishment power

A network approach…

  • Network of state and local groups could exist to provide support structure, communications mechanisms, pooling limited resources, solution sharing, and formulation of action plans.
  • Network of groups should have leadership comprised of state and local group leaders to maintain focus on bottom-up solutions.

Alliances, Affiliations, and Associations

George Washington’s Farewell Address provides insightful advice on parties and avoidance of entanglements.

Maintain independence and autonomy

Alliances, affiliations, and associations should…

  • Reflect foundational ethics and morals
  • Assist in meeting a group’s mission and short and long-term goals
  • Enhance and increase profile while reflecting principles, modeling proper conduct
  • Focus on local, state solutions and leadership

Adequate Disclosure:

Mission and Principles

Should reflect focus and illustrate moral, ethical foundations

Group / organization structure, leadership

  • Does the board have a board, council, or advisors? Are members elected or appointed?
  • Core decision-makers should be willing to disclose some verifiable information
  • Is the group / organization affiliated in some way with other groups?

Information collection, data handling and sharing or selling:

  • NO use of deceptive practices; capturing ip addresses, “petition” list-building, adding people to distribution lists without their explicit consent
  • Explanation should be given regarding why certain information is requested
  • Information should not be shared or sold without explicit consent of individuals
  • Protection of information should be pledged as a priority, limited access noted
  • If affiliated in a network of groups, contact information and data should be pushed out to the local level, warehoused centrally only for back-up purposes, and rare communications to entire list for agreed upon purposes that serve interests of overall network. These policies should be clearly stated at the time of sign up.
  • Unsubscribe option must be included in email correspondence, it is the right thing to do and it is required by law

Fundraising purposes, handling:

  • Non-profit filing or status should be declared if it exists
  • Treasurer name should be listed
  • Note why funds are being raised, how funds are used
  • If conducted as part of a network, this information should be disclosed


Special thanks to Grassroots in Nebraska and Constitutional Liberty Coalition for providing the original work on laying a proper foundation for our networking relationships.  In Oklahoma we are covering this matter in prayer at present and then will begin to invite our networking partners to review and agree to core principles and operating policy for networking projects and continued syndication.  It is our hope and expectation that all relationships will be reciprocal in nature in order to be ongoing and synergistic.  OKGrassroots editors strive to credit sources appropriately and specifically request clarity on incoming documents and feeds.

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