Rand Paul endorses Nathan Dahm for Congress

Senator Rand Paul Endorses Nathan Dahm in Oklahoma 1st Congressional Race

“I’m backing Nathan Dahm for U.S. Congress because time and again he has proven that he is a man of courage and conviction.”

Broken Arrow, OK — Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-KY, announced his endorsement of Nathan Dahm in the race for Oklahoma’s 1st congressional district. …

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R3publicans:  Memorial Day was once a time to feel the actual price of war

May 25, 2018
by Ken Briggs

My mental picture of Memorial Day in 1945 is a spare but deeply etched scene of joy and tears. We lived in a New England town of 500 that rustled up enough veterans to march up the main street to the odd strains of a handful of sincere but unrehearsed musicians. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Sunday school regulars and the town selectman fell in line, followed by the volunteer fireman’s truck and, finally, we the townspeople trooped along behind on our way to the cemetery.

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R3publicans:  Constitution Must Be the Battleground

The United States Constitution—praised as “the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man” by Lord Gladstone—should be the battleground of American politics. If that does not happen, our Republic is doomed to self-ruination like all other Empires. They all collapsed, among other things, by exalting raw power over constitutionally safeguarded liberty, and the armored knight over the moral philosopher.

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OK2A 2018 Political Endorsements and Grades

2018 Survey Grades and endorsements by OK2A for the June 26th primary.

This is NOT a final list and may have more candidates and incumbents added.

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Eagles Rodman Rocket Man

Maybe President Trump will un-cancel his meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles, like he did his meeting with the Pyongyang Tyrant. It all had something to do with taking a knee during the National Anthem. Even though no Eagles took a knee. Eagles Rodman  Rocket Man Anyway, it turns out Kim’s best buddy, Denis Rodman, likes

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MuskogeePolitico:  Sign -- Anyone but MWM

We’re three weeks out from primary day, and how do Republican voters in the 2nd Congressional District feel about incumbent Congressman Markwayne Mullin? This homemade sign, which I recently saw at a Republican voter’s house in Muskogee, might give a gl…

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