Louie Giglio: Laminin

This blew me away!! A snippet from a great message entitled “How great is our God!” by Louie Giglio, this section talks about Laminin, an amazing molecule in the human body. A must see!

More conservative-libertarian activists are warning of the dangerous role of Glenn Beck in subverting/deflecting the growing Freedom Movement. The latest, “The Beck Deception,” spells out many of the intentional ploys Beck uses in the service of his ma…

Overspending of our State budget has many politicians looking in the wrong place to solve the problem. They are talking about borrowing more money from our children’s and our grandchildren’s future by robbing the state’s emergency savings account.

Below is a company Release concerning our part in Extrem Makeover: Home Edition, Local’s Contribute to Home Makeover: (Hugo, OK. 3-10-10). All American Garage Doors, INC., of tiny Blue Ridge Texas, owned by Hugo native David Davis and whose Operations Manager is Howard Houchen of Hugo, recently participated in ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in […]

District 2 and Tulsa Meetings: Yesterday, 9 March 2010, myself and several members of the Houchen for Congress team held some very productive, informative, and supportive meetings with individuals and groups throughout Eastern Oklahoma. Guns Show in Delaware Co. (Grove): The Houchen for Congress table was the center of activity at the Grove Gun Show […]

Hey Census “A $100 is a small price to pay for my privacy”

Know your Legal Position

In the next few days you will probably be getting greetings from your “friends” at the US Census.  Instead of simply asking how many adults live at your address, the government will ask you a series of questions designed to justify more government spending and intrusion in your life.
If for some reason […]