Sooner Politics:  Senate Sends 'Constitutional Carry' to Governor For Signing

  In the late night session of the Oklahoma Senate, a lengthy debate occurred over Senator Dahm’s landmark legislation to restore full 2nd amendment rights to the people of Oklahoma.  Oklahoma is one signature away from joining 12 other states who fully support the unabridged right for free people to bear arms as stipulated by the Bill of Rights.  In the final senate vote, two Republican senators, Dugger & Yen, voted with the Democrat caucus to den […]

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GiN:  Dream Small

In 2016, during a period of about a year when it seemed possible — even likely — that Shelli would win her battle with cancer, she and I plotted out an article for the GiN website that would explain to our readers what had been going on in our lives to cause our extended hiatus […]

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Jon Schwarz

May 1 2018

One of the most outrageous acts of Barack Obama’s presidency was his failure to veto the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012.

The fiscal year 2012 NDAA included provisions that appeared to both codify and expand a power the executive branch had previously claimed to possess — namely, the power to hold individuals, including U.S. citizens, in military detention indefinitely — based on the Authorization to Use Military Force passed by Congress three days after 9/11.


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Tapp into Common Sense:  VETO REFERENDUM PETITION FILED - Ready to Sign!

Many have inquired when they would be able to sign the Voter Referendum Petition to give the people of Oklahoma the opportunity to reject or retain the largest wealth redistribution tax increase  passed in Oklahoma history  (half a billion dollars) by the State Legislature and Governor.  The moment has arrived and below is the press release from Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!

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Sooner Politics:  County Commissioners Decry State Confiscation Of County Road Funds

Can a legislature declare  take money retroactively from what a previous legislature appropriated? Can a legislator declare a retroactive tax hike on money we each earned 4 years ago?  Those are some analogies being floated by several county governments.  Just last week we heard several legislators characterize future wind industry credits as “breaching a contract with corporate partners”.  In the past few years our county governments have had funds appropriated to them for i […]

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