Liberty on Tap

Liberty on Tap:  June Gathering -- Know Your Farmer

We are happy to announce that Kris Gosney with John’s Farm will join us in June. Located near Fairview, Oklahoma, John’s Farm produces organic wheat and organic beef, along with a host of other products available under the Fairview’s Best, Cattle…

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Liberty on Tap:  May Gathering (Tulsa Area)

Join us as we discuss the regressive left… the new hotness in 21st-century fascism.

Michael Wieland will lead the discussion that will center around identifying existing and potential friction points in American politics and Western culture and what it means to individual liberty.


Thursday, May 3rd at 6 pm
Please join us in the private dining room.

Albert G’s BBQ
421 E 1ST ST
(1st & Elgin)
Tulsa, OK

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Liberty on Tap:  April Gathering

When you talk to others about liberty, are you being heard or do your subjects see you more as a shouting lunatic? Would it not be more productive to actually have your message received rather than being shut out?

You are in for a treat! Nick Vest will facilitate a fun, engaging, interactive discussion on fine-tuning your message of liberty. We will be at Albert G’s in Downtown this time!

Kid friendly!

Thursday, April 5th at 6 pm
Please join us in the private dining room for great BBQ, locally crafted beer, and Tulsa’s largest bourbon selection!

Albert G’s Bar & Q
421 E 1st St.
Tulsa, OK

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Liberty on Tap:  I’m Getting Older Too

If you are alive today, you are aging. I am aging too. With that fact in mind, I consider working to pass State Question 788 a smart investment in my health future. I don’t want to be left scrambling for a solution when I’m facing cancer, P…

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Liberty on Tap:  March Gathering at Kilkenny's on March 1st

Meeting at Kilkenny’s! What you can expect: Friendly, interesting, and diverse people with a broad spectrum of viewpoints, having in common a solid respect for the principle of self-ownership, conversing over awesome food and drink. Also, planning world dominion.

Thursday, March 1st at 6 pm 
Kilkenny’s Irish Pub
1413 E. 15th St.
Tulsa, OK

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Liberty on Tap:  Kill the Bills

By Lisa Bowman

Lawmakers need to validate their existence. They often use their positions to inject their own personal views, agendas, and values into the process rather than *serving* their constituents and protecting their rights. This is why they make so many bad laws designed to victimize peaceful people and grow the state. They also like to pretend […]

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[Editor’s note:  We certainly wouldn’t kill ALL the bills or fire ALL the legislators — but we could agree on that for MOST of them!/sc]