Who Is in Charge and What the Church Is Not

Now that we know a little about who is in charge, let’s talk about our role.  If we are His body here on earth (and I believe we are if we have believed into Him), then we should know what we are and what we are not. For many years I have thought that He often contains (or restrains) Himself based on what we think and do and say. It is not that He cannot do anything that He wants to do, but He has His ways and His goal is for us to come into harmony with Him. Thus He waits patiently for our proper call. As long as we are distracted and busy doing other things, we are clearly not busy doing His work and inviting His presence in our midst.  We must seek Him to find out what that entails.

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Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Who Is in Charge and What the Church Is Not

  The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is under a siege of new applications and many are going unprocessed beyond the statutory 14 day mandate for processing. Last week the OMMA announced the closing of their robust call center, so that the personnel which takes more than 1000 calls per week can help dig out the processing department.   Melissa Miller, a spokesman for the State Health Department’s Medical Marijuana Authority said that every effort is being made to hire…

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