R3publicans:  Today’s Biggest Loser

Well done, Quisling. Couldn’t run your own caucus with the Speaker’s gavel and a 23 seat lead. Couldn’t kill Obamacare even after 8 attempts, couldn’t fund the border wall, couldn’t help bloating the budget, growing the deficit, and couldn’t stop ****** over the Republican base or backstabbing the President at every opportunity, then bolted for the door when the chickens were going to come home to roost. (Joined betimes by a basket of fellow GOPe RINOs who could smell the change in the political wind.)

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Election Day: Vote for Principle

Today is Election Day. Voters across the country are casting ballots to conclude a critical midterm election.If you’re in Oklahoma and need help finding your polling location, use this link from the State Election Board.Oklahoma election results will b…

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Sooner Politics:  Watch Parties Of Old Were Not For The Weak

We not only live in a time of instant and on-demand access to anything we want. Our younger generations never knew it any other way. Today we see political watch parties vacated in time to get home for the 10pm news. But if you ask grandpa, he’ll tell you of days when precinct polling places had 2 shifts of employees and hand counting started only after the public polling ended.  If you could not fight off sleepiness, you would not have done well at a wat […]

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Mark Penn is a pollster and analyst. He was the chief strategist for both Bill and Hillary’s presidential campaigns. NY Magazine calls him a Trump loving “sleaze ball.” Here’s why: He recently made the point  that Trump makes promises and mostly keeps them. But Democrats only agenda is to impeach Trump.  

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MuskogeePolitico:  My picks for the 2018 Oklahoma general election

Early and absentee voting is over for the 2018 Oklahoma general election, with the remaining in-person ballots to be cast on Tuesday. As is my custom, I will be discussing my picks for the general election races in this post.Some of these candidates I …

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Saved By Jews

Police shot the Tree of Life Synagogue shooter. Then they took him to Allegheny General Hospital where he was saved by Jews.

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She Said 'Yes!' To The Senate's Most Eligible Bachelor

While many other Oklahoma candidates were out seeking approval of the masses, one state senator was completing his most important and very selective commitment.  Senator Nathan Dahm, of Broken Arrow, asked Brinkley Davison’s hand in marriage on Friday night. And in dramatic fashion he made the proposal in public to an unsuspecting young Tulsan & alumni of Oral Roberts University.  Dahm is in the middle of his 2nd 4-year term in the Oklahoma Senat […]

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R3publicans:  Migrant Caravan Not Walking – They’re Being Transported to US Border on the Back of Flat Bed Trucks (VIDEO)

The migrant caravan to the US is not walking. That is all for show and just part of a Democrat production. The migrants are actually being carted on the back of flat bed trucks.

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