Lock Her Up

  Chris Christie used his time on the RNC podium to prosecute Hillary Clinton. After reciting various moments in her public life he asked, “guilty or not guilty.” Then the frenzied crowd responded, “lock her up.” Here’s a funny replay of the speech from The Onion. Lock Her Up Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post called it

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The Cruz Freedom Speech: "I Want To Congratulate Donald Trump"

  Ted Cruz gave perhaps the most stirring speech of the year, tonight. His speech started out with a congratulatory salute to Donald Trump.   Ted then spoke passionately about what is at stake in our society and concluded that good Americans need to support candidates up and down the ticket who honor the constitution and uphold freedom.  There were some in the front section of the arena who wanted to rewri […]

The RNC Loyalty Oath: Trump Broke Faith Last March

   Last August we saw one candidate raise his hand at the Cleveland debate to say he was not yet ready to make that pledge to the party.  Within days he  signed the simple pledge, but backed out of it last March.​Donald J. Trump said on March 29th that he no longer vowed to support the Republican nominee if it isn’t him, despite a loyalty pledge that all Republican primary candidates signed last year.“No, I don’t anymore,&r […]

It’s Christmas in July

Your Activism Has Halted the Push for Gun Control … For Now!

“GOP struggles to find votes for gun bill [which] has the backing of the National Rifle Association but is opposed by the Gun Owners of America, a rival group that bills itself as a “no compromise national gun rights organization.” The Hill, July 6, 2016

Republican Convention Protesters

The Republican National Convention opened with a floor fight when The Never Trump crowd tried to overthrow the presumptive nominee. They claimed to have gathered enough signatures to change the rules requiring delegates bound to Trump to vote for him. But the signatures never saw the light of day. The protesters lost on a voice vote. Chaos ensued. Republican

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Liberty on Tap July Gathering

This month’s topic is about food and freedom! What’s not love about that? Michael Wieland of Sloth Acres will share with us how he discovered liberty through cheesesteak sandwiches and the positive impacts local food can have on health, happiness, and individual liberty. This will be an enlightening conversation and also a great opportunity to meet some of your local farmers.

Tulsa, OK 74120 – USA

Thursday, July 21 at 6:00 PM