Sooner Politics:  Kevin Hern Sworn In To Congress For Immediate Votes

  Early Tuesday evening, Tulsa’s Kevin Hern was brought to the House of Representatives to be sworn in to fill the vacancy left when former congressman Jim Bridenstine became NASA’s administrator. He was introduced by Rep. Frank Lucas and joined two other newly elected congress members who also filled vacancies in east coast states.  Hern has already cast his first vote. the topic has to do with Gulf Coast federal properties and the transfer of management. […]

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Oklahoma Watchman:  The Best Justice you Can Buy


Your chances off getting a fair trial in Oklahoma are only about 40%. That is a conclusion drawn by this Newsletter when you appear in front of any district j…

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Guest Editorial by Chuck DeVore- Texas Public Policy Foundation VP and former California legislator – California is once again on fire. Last summer’s northern California’s Carr Fire has killed six people, two of them firefighters, and continues to burn out of control, claiming more than 700 homes and about 100,000 acres. As a citizen-soldier in the California Army National Guard for two decades, I often heard the gallows humor quip that Cali […]

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  Oklahoman, Jarred Smith has been working on this criminal justice reform for years.  Here’s his announcement:   “Man I’m so happy I could just cry, been fighting back tears all day. I have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of a very special commutation project. For the past 5 months I have worked for Tulsa County Public Defender’s Office along with Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform working to commute the sentences of inmate […]

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R3publicans on VETERANS DAY:  What Have We Learned?   Iraq and Afghanistan Vets on What It All Meant

Possibly the most poignant line of the 1984 breakout hit “19” by electronic musician Paul Hardcastle was the one it deliberately drove home with synthesized drumbeat repetition: “In World War II the average age of the combat soldier was 26. In Vietnam he was nineteen…nineteen.”

What have we learned? Five combat veterans put the Forever War and American civilian life into perspective…


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Some Things Never Change

Nancy Pelosi guaranteed Democrats would win the House and now she guarantees she’ll be speaker. So some things never change. Pelosi is headed for the House Speakership and Florida is headed for a recount.  

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Trump Investigations

Predicted waves of blue or red didn’t break on election day. Republicans extended their hold on the Senate by a seat or two but lost control of the House. That could mean more Trump investigations. And that might be enough to cause the president a little sea sickness. He warned House Democrats against a “war-like”

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