Nathan Dahm for Congress Campaign Kick-off in Broken Arrow – For Life and For Liberty!

Recently Senator Nathan Dahm kicked off his campaign for Congress in Broken Arrow.  Special thanks to Bryan Mayberry for capturing the event on video for us.  I believe Nathan is running for all the right reasons with a solid voting record to confirm that he is the right man for this job —  not only that he actually reads the bills!  He has my vote and my prayers and all that I can do to help.  

For Life and Liberty,

Sandra Crosnoe

He is the right man for this job.  

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Finding Gems and Sharing Them – Nathan Dahm for Congress Campaign Kick-off in Broken Arrow – For Life and For Liberty!

R3publicans: 5 Reasons Why Moore’s Win Matters

Alabama Mad: Before Tuesday’s Alaabama Republican senatorial primary, Chamber of Commerce strategist Scott Reed said his organization had gone “all in” for incumbent Luther Strange in order to “remind [populist ex-Trump aide Stephen] Bannon who’s in charge,”

Mission Accomplished! The Chamber’s candidate lost in a 55-45 rout to Bannon’s candidate, Roy Moore, a former judge once regarded as too much of a religious zealot to make it all the way to the U.S. Senate.

Here are 5 reasons why this outcome is significant, not counting the obvious one (GOP primary voters were PO’d at what Reed boasted was the “governing wing of the party”– i.e. the GOP Establishment).


summary via R3publican

​  Within the Republican majority, there are several fiscal conservatives who adamantly oppose the raising of any taxes unless and until there are significant reforms and cuts in wasteful agencies, including the governor’s own office staffing.  In conversations with several fiscal conservatives (both inside the Platform Caucus and other Republican conservatives) I was told that if we don’t reform state agencies in this current crisis, then we never wi […]

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R3publicans: The Federal Reserve is setting America up for economic disaster

By Armstrong Williams, opinion contributor — 09/18/17

I recently had the opportunity to read the ‘Creature from Jekyll’ Island by G. Edward Griffin, a prodigious tome dealing with the circumstances surrounding the creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve system. I was taken aback by some of its provocative assertions.

  • America joined World War I largely to help a few bankers profit off the war (despite a long-standing Monroe doctrine that prohibited our involvement in European affairs)
  • The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was supported by international financial interests in order to destabilize Russia and steal the wealth of the Russian people; and
  • So-called ‘foreign aid’ is merely a clever means of shifting the bad debt incurred by banks and wealthy financiers to American taxpayers.


summary via R3publican

  The Republican House leadership scrapped a vote on the controversial Tobacco tax bill, Wednesday. They appear to have even less support for the confiscatory revenue measure than last May. Under the tobacco tax bill’s language, the effective state sales tax equivalent on any tobacco tax would be 55%. Imagine the boldness of a govt. which would lay claim to such piracy. If a gas station hiked the price of fuel   Par […]

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Conservative leaders urge Oklahoma politicians to protect taxpayers

Conservative leaders urge Oklahoma politicians to protect taxpayers

September 28, 2017

Dear Governor and State Lawmakers,

We are a coalition of conservative citizens, many of us serving in leadership of state or local organizations, who write to urge you to address the need for more consolidation and other efficiencies in all areas of state government and to resist raising taxes on your constituents.

Many Oklahoma families and businesses are struggling and have been forced to reduce their own spending. Indeed, Oklahomans lost more than $13 billion in taxable income and reduced purchases by $4.1 billion in one year alone when oil prices collapsed.

And yet, Oklahoma’s total state government spending is at an all-time high. The state is now on track to spend more money next year—more than $17.9 billion—than at any time in our history. If you believe that certain state services are not adequately funded, we urge you to prioritize spending rather than raise taxes.

“Limited government” and “lower taxes” have been winning campaign messages in Oklahoma over the last decade. Some candidates have even made written promises to oppose and vote against (or veto) “any and all efforts to increase taxes.” We encourage you to stay true to these principles and to oppose efforts to increase the burden of government on hard-working Oklahoma families.


Drunk on cash? TSET promotes nightclubs, bars, drag shows

OCPA’s Center for Investigative Journalism revealed some shocking news this week about the spending habits of Oklahoma’s Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET). TSET is a state agency created to fund programs that help people quit smoking and help pay for the costs of smoking-related health care.

TSET was formed as a result of the state’s lawsuit against tobacco companies in the 1990s, and currently sits on an endowment worth over $1 billion. It brings in and spends about $50 million every year on tobacco cessation campaigns or health issues related to tobacco use. Or rather, that’s what TSET is supposed to use the money for.