R3publicans: Niger - Finally, A War John McCain Doesn’t Love

Ilana Mercer • October 27, 2017

News first broke about America’s Niger misadventure on October 4. “The real news here is that the US has forces in Niger, where they’re conducting covert operations,” this writer tweeted out. “Hashtag America First.”

Official media ignored the ambush of the American Special Forces, until the story gained anti-Trump traction. No word came from John McCain. Three weeks hence, the senator from Arizona is making history. McCain, who has never encountered a war he wasn’t eager to prosecute, is questioning the folly in Niger.

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R3publicans:  Wall Street found a parasite growing in the US economy that could spur the next recession

linette-lopez.jpg Linette Lopez

  • Wall Street’s short sellers are beginning to talk about healthcare as the next major threat to the US economy.
  • Costs are so high that the market will have to correct sooner rather than later.
  • Left unchecked, a market-led correction will be brutal.

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R3publicans:  The Las Vegas Shooting Won’t Go Away

Paul Craig Roberts

OK readers, you win. Yes, something is wrong with the Las Vegas shooting story. It is not only Tyler Durden on Zero Hedge today http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-26/mysterious-missing-vegas-security-guard-left-country-days-after-vegas-massacre, but Tucker Carlson on Fox News yesterday http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/10/25/tucker-carlson-las-vegas-massacre-questions-jesus-campos-security-guard-and-police-hung. Carlson raises many pointed questions that do not have obvious answers. The investigation does not seem to have been handled in the normal way that such investigations are handled. I don’t know what it means. I don’t expect any official explanation. And I agree with you that it stinks.

read more at https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/10/26/las-vegas-shooting-wont-go-away/

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R3publicans:  Jeff Flake Announces Retirement After Realizing It’s No Longer The 1960’s

Chris Menahan
Oct. 25, 2017

Open borders, amnesty activist Senator Jeff Flake announced his retirement Tuesday with a painfully boring speech whining about “principles” and “our values.”Flake, who had no problem voting for the Iraq war, the PATRIOT act and amnesty for illegals, delivered a self-righteous sermon attacking Trumpism and praising the forces of globalism.

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R3publicans:  Kaspersky Software Caught Classified NSA Malware

Russian Company Vilified Because Its Software Did Its Job

Jason Ditz

Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab has been increasingly vilified in the US for acquiring classified US government programs. This hs led to a full ban on Kaspersky software on federal PCs, and several retails dropping the wildly popular program.

Kaspersky Lab’s own internal investigation into the matter revealed that was indeed the case, in as much as its antivirus software “accidentally” swept up NSA malware and its adjoining source code during a 2014 malware scan, even though that malware was itself classified.

read more at http://news.antiwar.com/2017/10/25/kaspersky-software-caught-classified-nsa-malware/

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R3publicans: Dying for the Empire is not heroic — Why are we in Niger and Who Knew?

Dying (and killing) for the Empire is not heroic. Allowing yourself to be ordered to intervene in distant conflicts you surely don’t understand is not worthy of admiration. What’s heroic is resisting the Empire.

by Sheldon Richman

October 23rd, 2017

By Sheldon Richman

Opinion — Predictably, the news media spent most of the week examining words Donald Trump may or may not have spoken to the widow of an American Green Beret killed in Niger, in northwest Africa, in early October. Not only was this coverage tedious, it was largely pointless. We know Trump is a clumsy boor, and we also know that lots of people are ready to pounce on him for any sort of gaffe, real or imagined. Who cares? It’s not news. But it was useful to those who wish to distract Americans from what really needs attention: the U.S. government’s perpetual war.

The media’s efforts should have been devoted to exploring – really exploring – why Green Berets (and drones) are in Niger at all. (This is typical of the establishment media’s explanation.)

read more at https://www.mintpressnews.com/fighting-dying-american-empire-not-heroic-resisting-it-is/233614/

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R3publicans:  Peoples Politician Trey Gowdy FED UP with the IRS! Screams About U.S. Corruption

BY IWB · OCTOBER 23, 2017

by Thinker

It’s a one man show, but Peoples Politician seeking truth no matter what party you are affiliated with. Trey Gowdy who is head of the “Oversight Committe” who job is to investigate corruption and expose it. Peoples Politician is trying to wake up sleeping Americans with every hearing and anyone who has been watching them can see how wide spread corruption is in one of America’s “TWO” governments.

Peoples Politician Trey Gowdy is showing Americans which politicians and organizations who are not “ALL” American and how important it is to know who you vote for or if your vote even counts.

read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/peoples-politician-trey-gowdy-fed-up-with-the-irs-screams-about-u-s-corruption/

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