Sometimes Votes Can't Be Bought

The $60 Votes 

 Chip Carter Spent about $60 per vote, and it wasn’t enough! It appears that the voters just wanted someone to knock on their door and hear their concerns. Cyndi Munson did a lot of that. And it works, even when the candidate doesn’t promise to support their views. They at least want to know that they were heard.

Republicans Blame Chamber Influence In House Defeat

Republican State Senator, Paul Wesselhoft

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft (R – Moore, OK) said;


Democrat Cyndi Munson beating Republican Chip Carter is a huge defeat for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce! Paying members need to fire Fred Morgan!”

  Wesselhoft had been the target of an OK Chamber effort to unseat him and bring in a pro-chamber candidate.

Democrats Capture David Dank's Unexpired House Term

Rep Paul Wesselhoft said; 

Late Rep. David Dank – KOTV file photo


Democrat Cindi Munson beating Republican Chip Carter is a huge defeat for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce! Paying members need to fire Fred Morgan!”


16 of 16 Precincts Completely Reporting
CYNDI MUNSON (DEM) 270 63 2,307 2,640 53.79%
CHIP CARTER (REP) 245 28 1,995 2,268 46.21%
Total 515 91 4,302 4,908

Labor Dept. Leadership Seems Supportive of Cathy Costello to Replace Mark

Gov. Fallin (center), along with  Mark and Cathy Costello, in 2013

  Earlier today, Cathy Costello released a letter of request sent to Gov. Mary Fallin. In that letter she lays out her desire to continue the legacy and work which her husband faithfully carried out for the people of Oklahoma.
  In a personal post to social media, the Labor Department’s Chief Of Staff, Jim Marshall echoed Cathy’s statement.  Marshall has been a key leader of the Labor Department staff since the early Days of the Brenda Reneau administration.

Oklahoma Cop Calls For Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Police officer, Stephen Mills has dedicated his life and career to be an Oklahoma peace officer.
He shares his convictions about maintaining the liberty our republic was founded upon.

It’s not an attack on Law Enforcement nor is it helping the drug cartels. Reform is needed to assure the rights of Oklahoma citizens are protected. It’s not about whether innocent people currently are or aren’t having their property seized. It’s about the way the law is currently written so that innocent people CAN have their property seized.

Too Much Christianity In Tulsa's Uppity Neighborhoods

The Tulsa Frontier’s Kevin Canfield reports on his Hyperlocal blog:

  The Tulsa City Council is facing some conflicting interests in local zoning. The most powerful neighborhood in the city is the Lewis Avenue stretch between 21st & 41st street south. Most of the city’s current and past mayors have lived in this area of old oil mansions.

The building has been at 39th & Lewis Ave, for 50 years.
The expanded auditorium would use part of the front lawn

  Now a church is expanding their auditorium to seat 635 congregants at 3817 South Lewis Avenue. Wha-da-ya know, the locals are complaining that it would cause traffic jams along the 4-lane arterial street on sunday mornings.

A Foremost Strategy of an Effective Legislator

jason-photoThere are amazing benefits and learning opportunities available to those who closely monitor the state legislative process. I have learned much about human behavior and individual character through observation during those times when policy makers are under pressure. Policy makers may work on legislation for months, if not years, only to see their efforts come to an screeching halt when their …

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