R3publicans:  America’s Economic Wars Will End in Disaster Same as Its Military Adventures

This ‘market’ view of trade war somehow is a mirror of America’s military zeitgeist. The US has the biggest military by far; it can outgun everyone (except Russia), so anyone challenging the US is bound to be ‘a loser’ (it is assumed).

Tyler Durden

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Judge Patrick Pickerill  of Oklahoma’s 14th District Court granted emergency relief to the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the City of Broken Arrow. The hastily-passed ordinances designed to hinder some medical facilities from operating in the city cannot be implemented, while the matter is litigated in the courthouse.  The City of Broken Arrow recently passed a series of ordinances to financially straddle any effort to make cannabis medicines avai […]

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Angry Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Angry Judge Brett Kavanaugh took offense at being called a drunk and a serial rapist. And he let the Senate Judiciary Committee know it. Very forcefully. Lindsey Graham was inspired to point out that serial rapists rarely give up their craft to become judges on the nation’s second highest court. And so it seemed Kavanaugh had

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R3publicans:  Why We Know So Little About the U.S.-Backed War in Yemen

Thursday [Aug 2nd], from Al Jazeera: “Yemen ‘on Brink of New Cholera Epidemic,’ Charity Warns.” The piece details how recent developments in the Yemeni civil war — specifically, the possible siege of the port city of Hodeidah — may cause a surge in cholera cases. There were over a million reported cases of cholera between the fall of 2016 and spring of 2018, the largest documented outbreak in modern times. The rate of infection had slowed, but observers now fear resurgence.

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R3publicans:  Q, Trump and the Prosecution of the Pedophiles

In the near future I believe we are going to see many high profile arrests. This story explains what is happening and why. Much of it has to do with the Pedophile industry and how it has been going on without the knowledge of the general public. It also appears the “White Hats” are purging this offense to God and righteous people everywhere. If you don’t want to know the truth you shouldn’t watch this video, however I believe that the general public needs to be aware in order to prevent this from occurring again. So please watch and tell others to watch.

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For those that do not know about Q here are some links to catch you up:
Q – The Plan To Save The World

The Speech that got President Trump Elected

The Previews Are Over, It’s Showtime, The World Is Watching

There are many “journalist” that are telling us what the “Elite” establishment wants us to believe and not the real news. There are a few true journalist that were with the Main Stream Media and since departed because of their journalism ethics, that is they actually want to tell the truth. I put into this category Liz Crokin.

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R3publicans: The Speech that got President Trump Elected

When I went to the voting booth on 8 Nov 2016 I considered writing in Rand Paul as a protest vote because I didn’t believe Donald Trump would be any different than most other presidents. However, I knew for sure I didn’t want Hillary in as president, so I reluctantly voted for Trump. Boy I was wrong in that Trump is actually doing what he promised, “Draining the Swamp”.

Here is a speech that I didn’t know about until after the election. If you haven’t watched it I strongly recommend watching it, or like me watching it again. Economically America will need to go through some pain since the deck is already stacked by the big bankers. But I would much rather have DJT in charge than HRC.

Also here is a link to a previous video I posted called “Q – The Plan To Save The World“.

It explains a lot of what Trump and the “White Hats” are up against.

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  One of Oklahoma’s busiest physicians implementing the legalized Cannabis medicines takes a few moments at the end of a long day to tell Oklahomans about the many new clinics he’s operating and the many patients who are seeking to leave the world of conventional pain management with a hope that the analgesic properties of cannabis can successfully provide them the relief they desperately need in a safer mode than opiates.  Dr Bailey is a D.O. whose primary practice is in the Tulsa…

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