Oklahoma Watchman:  Two 'Evils', But One Is Worse




It’s getting tight in the race to become our next Governor. What drew us to this story was this article from the NON-DOC newsletter. The debate barely mentioned agr…

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R3publicans:  Latest Q Deciphers by Lori Colley

Here are the latest drops. Lori Colley does a good job of explaining what they mean. This video is nearly an hour long, but Lori runs through the information and does not slow down for a minute. This is information you will not see on fake news ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBC. Lori always ends her posts with a prayer.

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R3publicans:  Rand Paul Against the World of War… For Peace


Not long ago, Donald Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton was promising regime change in Iran by the end of this year. Uber-hawk Bolton has long wanted war with Tehran. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo isn’t much different, and has even advocated bombing Iran. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has previously recommend U.S. airstrikes against Iranian targets.


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  Nearly 3 months after the infamous July 10th Board of Health meeting, some answers and transparency is beginning to reveal which actors were at work behind the scenes to illegally thwart state law regarding cannabis medicines.  The Tulsa World published a story today, that shows some of the details they finally got when a “Freedom of Information” request was finally complied with, as state law requires.  Several establishment entities were trying to […]

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R3publicans/Ron Paul:  Can’t We Just Leave Syria Alone?

Assad was supposed to be gone already. President Obama thought it would be just another “regime change” operation and perhaps Assad would end up like Saddam Hussein or Yanukovych. Or maybe even Gaddafi. But he was supposed to be gone. The US spent billions to get rid of him and even provided weapons and training to the kinds of radicals that attacked the United States on 9/11.

But with the help of his allies, Assad has nearly defeated this foreign-sponsored insurgency.

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R3publicans:  America’s Economic Wars Will End in Disaster Same as Its Military Adventures

This ‘market’ view of trade war somehow is a mirror of America’s military zeitgeist. The US has the biggest military by far; it can outgun everyone (except Russia), so anyone challenging the US is bound to be ‘a loser’ (it is assumed).

Tyler Durden

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