Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution “On Saturday, Jan. 11, 2pm – 4pm, the Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma will be meeting at the Gypsy Coffee House, 303 N. MLK Jr. Blvd. (aka 303 N. Cincinnati Ave.), Tulsa, OK. Everyone is invited to help us plan d…

This is an update to this earlier post about a foreclosed property I was interested in bidding on at sheriff’s sale.  The bank’s appraisers valued it at $146,000 at the time of the sheriff’s sale.  Afterwards, it was listed for sale at $121,9…

Obama's Politics of War Cannot Continue in Afghanistan

As a Navy pilot who flew combat missions in Afghanistan (2002) and Iraq (2003) and now as a Member of Congress, I cannot react to the news of Al Qaeda in Iraq’s resurgence in Fallujah and Ramadi with anything but frustration and anger.  
Frustration – because so much American blood was spilled wresting these cities from insurgents. Anger – because the Obama Administration put ideology and politics above the national interest. Our policy in Afghanistan must be more responsible than our policy in Iraq.

A Man of God — A Tribute and a Testimony to Brother Frid

The Man of God - Brother Frid



The Preface to A Man of God by Jesse C. Jones

This is a story about a man, a place, and a time when the lives of many people were touched by a power they did not know existed, nor did they know that this power was available to them.  The man that God used to demonstrate this power was unassuming and  totally devoid of the pride of life that plagues most men, and has led an untold number into exaggerated self-esteem and conceit.  He appeared in this appointed place without fanfare, and he came into our lives as a result of an event that he had no part in, and, as far as I know was not even aware of.  That he had been prepared for this place and time seems to be without question, for things happened rapidly after he began to be used by God in the ministry to which he had been called.


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