TSA Invents New Super Hero-Privacy Man

Call me a cynic but I believe in “Privacy Man” about as much as I believe in any of the other superheros that have flown from the pages of a comic book or across the silver screen. Maybe less. Continue reading →

TSA’s “extended search” in Texas Goes Too Far

A 23 year young lady gets exposed and humiliated. As Antoine would say, “Hide your  kids, Hide your wife” By Jim McBride An Amarillo woman is suing the federal government for intentional infliction of emotional distress after Transportatio…

Nothin’ says lovin’ like money from the government

From The Red Dirt Report By Ted H. Smith Red Dirt Report, contributing writer Posted: October 19, 2010 NORMAN, Okla. — Anyone who read the October 7 edition of The Oklahoman business  section and was not outraged by wasteful state … Contin…

Our enemy comes in many guises and uses diverse tactics to keep us bewitched and enslaved. Deception and Fear are first order tactics. Like two sides of the same coin, they keep us misdirected and/or passive. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, …

It is well documented that Tulsa County leaders, the Kaiser Foundation, and Senator Jim Inhofe were all very upset they lost the profit-driven process of having our tax dollars pay for their River Development plan. Losing by less than 3,000 votes bac…

Dangerous ID in Oklahoma?

Now is a good time to get specific about how we can handle the issue of verifying citizenship without trading our sovereignty away. Continue reading →

OCPAC: Charlie’s Picks — Part 2

++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING++ CHARLIE’S PICKS PART 2++ ANNOUNCEMENTS++ WHAT IS KTOK TRYING TO DO WITH THE AFTERNOON SHOW?++ IS IT TIME TO RETHINK OUR TURNPIKES SYSTEM?++ WILL TOM TANCREDO BE COLORADO’S NEXT GOVERNOR?++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 20th will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our first speaker will be Bill Shappard, founder and President of Sooner Polling, located in OKC.

NASA: Lighting up the Night

Lighting Up the Night photo: Lights and space shuttle Discovery are reflected in the water as it rolls to the pad on its final planned mission to the International Space Station. 

 (photo by Tom Moler via NASA website for download/share)

As Election Nears – This One Deserves A Rewind

It’s time for some campaignin’…entertaining to be sure, but I think it’s worth a look beyond the entertainment value. This video is funny because it contains truth. The trouble is, the truth in political jokes are on us…the voters. How DID we end up with those two candidates? It’s more than a little freaky that […]