The Rule of Law Radio Network AxXiom for Liberty May 7th, 2010 Show #6 The Cameras are Coming DOWN! Shawn Dow, Chairman of AZ Citizens AGAINST Photo Enforcement And Jeff Greenspan 2nd Vice Chair of the Maricopa GOP with analysis of SB 1070 also Chad Dornsife, Best Highways Safety Practices SHOW NOTES Fusion Center (spying) […]

All this week, Broken Arrow has been celebrating it’s 79th anniversary of their historic Rooster Days. And earlier this morning, our campaign was able to participate in the parade. While many other campaigns were also present, including most of the …

REPORTED BY G.W. SCHULZ The nation has committed billions of dollars to improving homeland security since 2001, including large sums awarded to states in preparedness grants. This map is part of an ongoing effort to document the continuing costs. See Map Click on each state to learn how authorities there have managed, or mismanaged, anti-terrorism […]

From Downsize DC Once upon a time, in a country known as the land of the free and the home of the brave, these words were rarely heard: “May I see your papers please?” But, increasingly, the free and the brave became dependent and cowardly. They begged to wear chains. Many fought the trend, but […]