Two former Oklahoma County jail guards have been sentenced for crimes in connection with the beating death of an inmate. BY NOLAN CLAY Oklahoman     Published: July 2, 2010 Two former guards at the Oklahoma County jail have been sentenced to federal…

A Hint of Reason at the RNC – Thanks Michael Steele!

July 3, 2010 Dear Chairman Steele (via, Thank you for your recent remarks! This is just a note to encourage you that the more the Bush/Cheney wing of the party slams you for standing up and speaking out (just a tiny bit), the more the declared war if you must crowd applauds the fact […]

Opinion Letter by Roger Warren – July 3, 2010 Have you noticed there is a certain contempt for “voters”, Republican and Democrat, by the Administration, by Congress and by the Courts?  Not 100% of the people involved are holding the people (you …

Boldness is a tactic, not a Strategy

Boldness is a tactic, not a Strategy
Yes there is a difference – and a potentially huge one.
You create strategy based on a number of factors – you your advisory, the environment, the stakes.  Being bold at the right moment can be vital – but it is a tool, a tactic, not a strategy.
There is no […]

Action vs. Self-Delusion by Jim Rohn

Action vs. Self-Delusion by Jim Rohn
[The late Jim Rohn was known as the salesman’s philosopher.  He was raised as the son of an Idaho farmer, but struck off for the big city.  While he worked hard, he didn’t turn his life around until his late 20’s thanks in large part to the philosophy taught him […]

Washington was a tough dude

I try to remind my kids when we get into real wilderness that this is all there was when the ancestors carved out a spot to build their homes and start a new life. It is easy to take for granted there were always roads, stores and air conditioning.
Don’t let this weekend go by […]

Is July 2nd the Real Independence Day?  Happy 4th Everyone!

The Declaration of Independence was approved/signed on July 4th, but it was two days earlier that the Continental Congress Passed the Lee Resolution, declaring that we were independent from Britain. This simple resolution was a stirring call to throw off the bonds of tyranny: