Creativity Over Violence

When we entered this world, we entered it surrounded by layers of governments and myriad systems and institutions established by and composed of people who would manage, lead, rule, intervene, govern, protect, guide, influence, control, monitor…the list is as endless as the human imagination. These entities did not come to us from On High or …

In April, I blogged about the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum in OKC, half-built and out of money seven years after construction began. Here’s a recent AP article reporting that although the funds to resume construction have not been secured…

bridenstine200300Congressman Jim Bridenstine, representing Oklahoma’s 1st District and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, made the following statement regarding President Obama’s decision to seek congressional authorization for the use of force against Syria.

“I am pleased that President Obama is seeking Congressional authorization to use U.S. military force in Syria.  As a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, I believe that the use of U.S. military force should be selective, based on America’s national security interests.

Thus far, President Obama has failed to clearly define America’s national security interests in Syria or explain how a limited cruise missile strike would contribute to achieving our strategic objectives. I look forward to hearing the President’s case, but right now I’m skeptical.”

Several years ago, I was told, the Senate debated making government information accessible on the internet. A very powerful state senator purportedly opposed the proposal because he said if his constituents wanted to see government information badly enough, “They could drive to Oklahoma City and get it themselves.”

This is a perfect illustration of the Oklahoma legislators’ mindset at that …

2013 Special Session Legislation Posted Online

OK-SAFE, Inc. – The Oklahoma Legislature will convene the 2013 Special Session on Tuesday, September 3, 2013.  This session is expected to run 6 to 10 days. This Extraordinary Session was convened per Gov. Mary Fallin’s Executive Order 2013-30 to address a single subject: the tort reform passed in 2009 recently thrown out by the […]