War on Coal

Trump ended Obama’s war on coal, as promised. Come to think of it, I don’t know why Obama declared the war in the first place. Or why Hillary signed on for it. The natural gas industry went to war against coal for them. Gas is cheap, clean, and – despite President Obama’s efforts – plentiful. So, looks like a rout.

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Lamb officially in for 2018 Governor's race

Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb changed his website and social media today to reflect his candidacy for Governor in 2018.Long assumed to be planning a run, it looks like he’s officially in the race for the GOP nomination. Other Republicans consideri…

Justice Gorsuch

  Will the newest member of the supreme court become the hero of constitutional restraint and strict construction?​  Will he follow the trend of contemporary practices of adapting the beltway mindset?  Former president, Dwight Eisenhower was once asked if he had any regrets of his 8 years in the white house?  “Yes, two of them… and they’re both still on the supreme court.”   The senate Democrats rescinded their filibuster at the last […]

State employees to benefit from new human resource system

OKLAHOMA CITY – State employees are set to benefit from a comprehensive transformation of the state’s human resource management system.

According to state officials, the new system will provide the state with a real-time view of the state’s human capital resources; allow for better strategic planning; and, enable employees to easily identify and promote to positions within state government — even though the open positions are within the purview of another agency.

These facts were provided to the members of the House Government Modernization Committee as part of their hearing this week.

Conspiracy with and Without Conspirators
Karel van Wolferen


The term ‘Deep State’ has entered established parrot journalism, where it joins ‘the one percent’, the other notion ascended from the internet ‘underground’. You can tell by the way it is now mocked in mainstream publications. I first noticed when one of those informed its readers that it lurked somewhere in the remote internet corners given over to conspiracy theory. And now, quite suddenly, there is a mini avalanche of pieces explaining for example why such a thing may exist in Turkey (where the term was first used) or Egypt, but not the United States where all manner of protections guard against it. David Remnick’s article in the New Yorker reflects considerable confusion in parrot journalism ranks about what to do with this concept that has forced itself on America’s consciousness through the combined maneuvers of state and non-state institutions intending to get rid of the new president.

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