R3publicans:  Want to Drain the Swamp? Trump Should Start With Ethanol Reform

The Renewable Fuel Standard is a crony capitalist mess. Here’s how it can be fixed.

By Bill WirtzDecember 6, 2017

In Washington, several of Donald Trump’s nominations to key federal government positions are being held up for political reasons. Among them is that of William H. Northey, who was appointed by the White House to the post of Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm Production and Conservation. Northey’s confirmation is currently being blocked by Senator Ted Cruz over the Trump administration’s silence regarding the recent altering of the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

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Sooner Politics:  Jerry Fent Takes On OMES And Slush Funds

  The legendary Jerry Fent is back in the Supreme Court building, this week. He’s challenging yet another act of the Oklahoma legislature.  His latest case challenges the loose policies of the Fallin Administration and the legislature which is allowing the practices.  eCapitol published this notice:Oklahoma City attorney Jerry Fent filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging a fund used for various fun […]

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Liberty on Tap: December Gathering at Kilkenny’s

Prepare thyself for merriment! Join us at Kilkenny’s for December’s gathering. We are celebrating the final month of 2017 with Liberty on Tap – drinking, eating, and talking time. Our topic will be eating and drinking. December 7th @ 6pm Kilkennys Irish Pub 1413 E. 15th St. Tulsa, OK

Senate Tax Bill Kills Health Insurance Individual Mandate

The Senate tax bill ends the mandate to buy health insurance. This is a bad thing? It is according to a CNN Money article: Poor Americans would lose billions of dollars worth of federal benefits under the Senate GOP tax bill, according to a new Congressional Budget Office report. This is largely because the legislation

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