Rand Paul Interview on Fox with Sean Hannity – Yes Miracles Occur!

MoxNewsDotCom — June 10, 2010 — http://MOXNews.com/ June 10, 2010 News Corp 8:41 minutes and over 3360 views at time of posting Not sure I would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.  Here is a reasonable interview with Rand Paul and Sean Hannity where they actually talk about issues and agree […]

Posted on the McCarville Report June 11, 2010; Governor Henry today officially closed the book on the 2010 legislative session, completing work on all bills passed during the final days of the annual four-month meeting of state lawmakers. In doing so, …

Oklahoma:  Primary Filing Deadline Past Now Off to the Races

This week in Oklahoma candidates filed for primary slots for an election that will occur on July 27th. R3publicans have been working with many candidates for months now; working to restore the GOP to limited government, constitutional principles of a day gone by and sorely needed again. With filing past and the goal post just up ahead, it seems appropriate to profile some of the folks you will have an opportunity to help in the next few weeks (many of you are already doing so!).

Here are their banners with links to their websites and excerpts from their press releases this week:
Senator Randy Brogdon for Governor
Nathan Dahm for Congress CD01
Howard Houchen for Congress CD02
RJ Harris for Congress CD04
Mark Costello for Labor Commissioner

The Tulsa Beacon has joined the list of those supporting the Nathan Dahm campaign to replace John Sullivan in Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional District. The article endorsing Nathan is as follows:
It’s time for Rep. John Sullivan to find some other kin…