To restore the American people’s freedom to choose the health insurance that best meets their individual needs by repealing the mandate that all Americans obtain government-approved health insurance.…

Oklahoma adventure: Tarah Dawdy Photography Excels

Tarah Dawdy captured so much on film during a recent trip to Oklahoma that she has put it all together in a ‘stop motion video’ for us all to enjoy.  My Oklahoma friends will recognize some places and see some new ones for sure.  Places include the Oklahoma Capitol, Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma Memorial, parks and […]

Chapter 10 by Robert O’Harrow, Jr. Tagged: 9 11, anonymity, no plece to hide, Privacy, Robert O’Harrow, Surveillance, technology

It’s not that I mind a camera for specific and  valid uses.  I don’t.  But this is something entirely different than a camera at a business or a bank. Barry Switzer is promoting insurance verification company with Oklahoma officials Barr…

Someone is telling a story-either Oklahoma Officials or Wayne Pettigrew the Panopticon Peddler. Mike Mcarville asks the right questions! $50 Million Revenue Estimate Remains A Mystery As Those Involved Contradict Each Other, Point Fingers On Pg 30 Mr Pettigrew says Oklahoma is currently implementing Insurenet’s system. Document dated March 2, 2010 Tagged: ALPR, Brad […]

Alaska Adventure – Jim’s Wild Ride and a New Flock Too

Jim’s Wild Ride and a New Flock Too

Recently some good friends of mine moved to Alaska and have started blogging the adventure! The posts are amazing as are the photographs. So I thought that you all might enjoy a sample to find out a little about how they are settling in and learning to live in really cold weather and prepare to live off the land as needed too. Here’s the most recent intro to his new flock.

Meet the Oklahoma “Chippers” and Follow the Money

Here is the story of HB2569 on Scribd below. Follow the money and the story of these capitol offenders in 2010. Meet the “chippers’ and ask yourself if you really want people who want to track you like cattle representing you in any capacity whatsoever.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin (quoted on statue of liberty)

By Wendy McElroy In response to a flood of Facebook and YouTube videos that depict police abuse, a new trend in law enforcement is gaining popularity. In at least three states, it is now illegal to record any on-duty police officer. Even if the encount…