Oklahoma: R3publicans Endorse Randy Brogdon – The Best of the Best for Governor

Primaries are about selecting the best candidate to represent our party in the general election. This cycle in Oklahoma, the choice for our endorsement for the Governor’s race was crystal clear. There has been consensus among us for months that Randy Brogdon is the man to lead the state ticket in November. It will depend on grassroots people making sure that the best person actually wins this election in order to be able to prevail in November as well. Will Republicans prevail if they fail to select men and women of principle in the primary?
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Charlie’s Picks - Primary Election

CHARLIE’S PICKS – PRIMARY ELECTION, JULY 27TH OF 2010Many years ago, friends began to ask me questions about elections,knowing I was more involved than they. At first we would talk inperson or on the phone, but the numbers simply became too many. So …

PRESS RELEASE AMERICAN COUNCIL FOR HEALTH CARE REFORM WITHDRAWS ITS ENDORSEMENT OF KENNETH RICE IN THE JULY 27 REPUBLICAN PRIMARY TO REPRESENT THE FIRST DISTRICT OF OKLAHOMA …Shaker said, “Because health care in America is under such dire threat from ObamaCare, ACHCR can have only one goal: to support the candidate that not only embraces the principles of liberty, but the candidate who we consider to be most likely to represent those principles in Washington. In our view, Nathan Dahm is that candidate.”

Oklahoma Primary and the Importance Thereof

While I do have a number of friends and contacts there, that is not what drives my concern. I have come to believe that Oklahoma is at the tip of a spear that for so many reasons, is pointing in the right direction. Oklahoma has a very strong, organic movement comprised of resolute people committed to the Constitution. It is considered by many the home of State Sovereignty and it requires less digging to find some strong legislators at their Capitol than in my own and other states. Continue reading