If you are still buying into the myth that a Republican majority in Congress is “the answer to our problems”, then in fact, you are not only not in Kansas, you are not in any of the several states, including your own. Sure, you might be there physically, but the part of you that matters for the purposes of this discussion is somewhere else. Your focus, attention, and problem solving skills, at least, are stuck in Washington, D.C. First in a series from Grassroots in Nebraska (Shelli Dawdy) sharing now with R3s everywhere. Continue reading

Alinsky for Teacher Organizers was written in 1972 for use in the training of teachers. If many recognize it as the facilitative process, the Delphi technique, to which they have been exposed, such is because they are one and the same. This process has been around for a long time, being perfected and fine-tuned, awaiting the time when it would be implemented extensively in the interests of transforming America. This document, except for some minor corrections, is the exact wording – in total – of the original document, complete to underlining.View complete document in Scribd link provided.

Will California Derail FasTrak’s Dash to Big Brother?

The California state legislature passed a bill to protect travelers’ sensitive information from being loosed on the information superhighway. But it still awaits the approval of the Governor. And as Oklahoma and other state’s have witnessed, it ain’t …

The 9/12 Project of Tulsa displayed that they do not have a clue regarding God, Family, and Country when they wrote this on their latest newsletter about the Glenn Beck Rally:“What an awesome experience the Restoring Honor Rally was….Let us remem…

When Government Fears The People

Thomas Jefferson made the astute observation: “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Today, the problem with our government at all levels is that it has no fear of the people. In fact, it’s worse than that. Our elected officials, as a group, have […]