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We are watching aright-wing labor movement. 3 of Tulsa’s Big 4 Hospitals Are Not Mandating Vaccines As A Universal Employee Policy. Ascension Saint John is the first Tulsa hospital to announce it’ll require all its employees to get the latest coronavirus vaccine by November 12, joining other health systems like Saint Anthony, OU, & Mercy, in Oklahoma City in requiring the shot for all their workers. ​News On 6 checked the other big healthcare system […]

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Warp Speed Distribution Strategy [How They Plan to Use Military Planes to Distribute a Vaccine for a Virus That has Mutated and is No Longer (and never was) More Lethal than the Flu to Most]

Below is an article provided through thinkorswim, a trading platform by TD Ameritrade. The article outlines the plans to distribute the COVID vaccine and other details surrounding the actual roll-out. This thing appears to be coming, no matter how unwise, … Continue reading

Vaccine Awareness in Tulsa

Karen Cuellar, who will be facilitating Liberty on Tap’s next Gathering on Thursday, April 4th, recently brought attention to the obvious effort to manipulate the public about the measles vaccination: “The year measles was declared eradicat…

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