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Russian Election Hacking

In 2012 President Obama told Russian President Medvedev he would be much more flexible after the election. Obama thought his remarks were private but he was speaking into an open mic in front of tv cameras. Lucky for him, there was no Republican narrative of Russian election hacking in 2012. It might have seemed plausible, considering the fact that Obama repeatedly mocked

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Political Intelligence Dossier Dosey Doe

The CIA has a “high degree of confidence” that Putin hacked the election in favor of Trump. CNN reported that intelligence agencies had briefed Trump about an incriminating dossier. The document, compiled by a former British spy, implies Trump could be manipulated by Russia.  BuzzFeed published a whiz bang story revealing the dossier’s unverified contents. Intelligence Meanwhile FBI Director James

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Fake News Source Exposed

Hillary Clinton wants to end fake news narratives. But she can’t shut up, so it won’t work.   Citizen Journalists worldwide, now confirm with certainty that a leading US presidential candidate is, and has been, the leading conspirer generating fake news in the western world press.  Her rise in media influence started with a 1991 effort to label women as “bimbos” after her husband harassed, molested, and/or raped them. &n […]

Flag Burning

Trump tweet of the week: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag — if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail!” The Huffington Post reported that most people think President-elect The Donald goes too far. They think flag burners should keep their citizenship. However, they’re cool with

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Court of Public Opinion

FBI Director Comey recommended that Hillary not be prosecuted by the Justice Department. But he presented her case on national TV anyway. A verdict was rendered on election day. Hillary was convicted in the court of public opinion. Her sentence was loss of the White House. She’s Suffered Enough Already Now President-elect Trump has  issued a get out of

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Election Results Map: Presidential Race

Continuing with my update to the Election Results Maps series, here is the presidential race.Obviously, Donald Trump crushed it in Oklahoma.Trump’s worst counties and Clinton’s best counties:Oklahoma: Trump 51.69%, Clinton 41.18%, Johnson 7.13%Cle…

MainStream Media Bias Goes Onion

Mark Halperin thinks The New York Times has turned into The Onion. To make his point he held up the front page from that morning’s edition. The headline read Democrats, Students, Foreign Allies Face Reality Of Trump Presidency: “Their headline is not ‘Disaffected Americans Have A Champion Going To The White House’ or ‘The Country Votes For Fundamental

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In a stunning comeback, Donald Trump appears set to win the 2016 Presidential election, and will become the 45th President of the United States of America.As of 11:30pm, Trump has flipped Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and the biggest surprise, Wisconsin. He alm…