Don Spencer Interviewed by “The Epoch Times”

Don Spencer, President of OK2A, was interviewed by the “The Epoch Times” on March 17th to get his opinion on SB669 and the House’s version of the same bill that proposes that illegal aliens should be allowed to obtain Oklahoma drivers licenses. The bill has passed through the Senate Committee and and will be heard

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Get informed here by Don Spencer about what happened with OK2A and other Oklahoma liberty-focused bills for the first week of March, 2023. Watch and listen to this 14-minute video.

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Geo-Fencing Coming Soon?

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Oklahoma’s Pro-Abortion Bill (SB 834)

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“Died Suddenly” is a documentary focused on widely-circulated rumors about Covid vaccines causing an alarming increase in deaths globally, much of that allegedly attributed to blood “clots” caused by mysterious fibrous substances found in the arteries and veins of cadavers. ~from an article from SHARYL ATTKISSON Click the image to watch on Rumble

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Died Suddenly Premier

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