Welcome to the Matt Gaetz Era of the America First Movement

The Florida congressman’s stand against Kevin McCarthy ushered in a new era.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has built his political career around being a firebrand, but it was not until last week that he showed how his brand of leadership can take hold of the political system to achieve major results for conservatives on a scale not seen in generations.

Last year, I contended that Gaetz would emerge from a leftist-promulgated, absurdly falsified sex scandal as the “model America First leader” because he has nothing to lose. He saw that the GOP machine, with which he had already battled publicly on many occasions, would do nothing for him except aggressively hammer the nails into his political coffin at any possible opportunity. There is no more point in gentlemen’s agreements; there is no more pretense of party unity or the genteel notion of playing on the same team. The veneer of civility had been wiped clean. All that remained was to drag these lowlifes into the gutter and wage total war against them. To go for their throats. To play dirty whenever possible. To punch them while they were down.

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