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We are network of grassroots activists working for limited Constitutional government and more freedom for the people in Oklahoma. We do our best to keep our representatives accountable and in touch with the people who elected them to office. We work hard to be sure that what you read here is true from every angle and ready to share with friends and neighbors. We encourage you to get involved in your county and make a difference and have fun along the way!

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smart meters = NOT

OKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 27, 2017) – A bill prefiled in the Oklahoma House would ensure utility customers could opt out of installing “smart meter” technology on their homes and businesses. Passage of the bill would allow Oklahomans to protect their own privacy, and it would take a step toward blocking a federal program in effect.

Rep. Scott McEachin (R) prefiled House Bill 1435 (HB1435) for introduction during the 2017 legislative session. The legislation would give residential and business utility customers the right to refuse installation of “smart meters.”
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*TAC is the Tenth Amendment Center. Their feeds are syndicated on Constitutional Liberty Coalition.

Tulsa 9.12 Announcement - Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process - January 28th

Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process – January 28

The 2016 legislative session begins Monday, February 6, 2016 and we need to be prepared. There will be many bills that require our attention – being trained in how to be effective is necessary for success.

Amanda Teegarden’s Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process training classes are in-depth working sessions.

OK2A 2016 News Summaries & Archives

OK2A has recently updated their website and some of their links have changed. Their feeds were interrupted on OKGrassroots in the transition.

Here are links to some articles that you may have missed or want to keep for reference from October 2016:

Gun Control in One Easy Lesson

No wolves allowed signage (near grazing sheep)… A graphic seen on facebook that had to be shared.  For any who think they want gun control.  Wolves (and criminals) pay no attention to signage folks.  That is the bottom line.  Good shepherds will protect the sheep and make sure they can deal with the wolves appropriately.

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Thanks to all our network feeds and groups and friends – please visit their websites to plug in directly with them and their activities!  In some instances, we provide additional information about these groups right here on this website.  We encourage you to get involved and be active with a team of folks in your own geographic area.

Please visit our new top tab project: The Precinct Leader  — If you want to change the world, it starts in your own backyard.  Let’s get busy and get organized and make a difference!

Welcome back OK2A  (their feeds were briefly interrupted while the website was updated) — and congrats on the new website look — everyone check it out!

Place your elected officials on ‘speed dial’ and let them know your thoughts and the reasoning behind those thoughts often for best results!  Remember who works for whom out there.

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Precinct Leader Project

For Politics and for Survival in Tough Times…

If you have been involved in politics for any length of time whatsoever, you have a vague understanding of what a precinct is and what a county is and that you live in one of each. The precinct is the basic building block of political organization. If you want to have an impact in your area on issues and candidates, you simply must get organized and be a part of a team effort to get information out and make sure the people know when it is important to vote – especially in surprise local special elections and all the ‘little’ bond elections.

[Editor’s Note:  This project is important not only for political networking but for survival in tough times too.  It is important to know your neighbors and be a part of the solution whatever lies ahead!/sc]

Read more of the plan here >>> The Precinct Leader Project – OKGrassroots (it is a top tab on the website!)