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R3publicans/The Hill:  Gun Crackdowns Ignore Waco & Other ATF Atrocities

by James Bovard

President Trump declared last week that the law enforcement should “take the guns first, go through due process second.” But the history of federal firearms enforcement shows that due process is often a mirage when federal bureaucrats drop their hammer. Before enacting sweeping new gun prohibitions, we should remember the collateral damage and constitutional absurdities from previous federal crackdowns.


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The Dogma Within

Amy Coney Barrett is a Notre Dame Law professor. She was nominated by President Trump for a seat on the seventh court of appeals. But first she has to get past Senate Judiciary Committee member Diane Feinstein. The Senator wanted answers about an article Professor Coney Barrett co-authored 20 years ago. It was a meditation

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Sooner Politics: The Case Against The Auto Tax Increase

   The Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a ‘slam dunk’ unanimous ruling in figurative ‘sound barrier speed’, on Thursday. they struck down a shameless money-grab which tried to cloak itself as a state-run smoking cessation program.  The newest and most controversial justice on the court, Patrick Wyrick, wrote a brilliant, plain-spoken, and thoroughly-reasoned opinion. Two justices partially dissented, but they did not elaborate. Wyrick wrote a masterpiece […]

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  The challenges to the recently passed taxes will be heard by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, this morning. the arguments will be aired live on the web. Sooner Politics will carry the feed on our site with the help of Youtube.  The first case will be heard at 9am. The court will hear the challenge from automobile dealers regarding the double tax on all car sales.At 10am the challenge from businesses and individuals regarding the tobacco tax increase […]

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Sooner Politics: Supreme Court Approves Webcast Of Tuesday Docket

The days of artist renderings of high court proceedings may be close to ending.  The Oklahoma Supreme Court, with the assistance of OETA will live-stream the  August 8th docket wherein 3 potentially landmark cases will challenge the legislature’s conduct during the spring 2017 regular session.  The cases will be heard in the historic chamber on the 2nd floor of the capitol building, directly under the room where the deeds in dispute were do […]

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 AG, Mike Hunter, has submitted his legal argument to the supreme court, regarding the challenge to the new tobacco tax, brought by retailers and associated distributors.  The 26-page document makes many novel claims including an attempt to tell the court to bar statements from any legislator.  The AG claims that the only legislative statement which should be considered is the majority vote tabulations, and that, in itself, should be the testimony […]

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Oklahoma Watchman: The Claims Of The Attorney General

Whadda yah mean I gotta run for office after this? Fallin can’t just appoint me again?


By the Watchman

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Brogdon Calls On Jones & Lamb To Support Tax Challenge

Former senator, Randy Brogdon, joined the Pat Campbell Radio Show on Thursday morning, to express his strong support for the legal challenges to the controversial new tax hikes which the legislature is attempting to impose. Listen to the full interview with Richardson, and the resulting comments from Brogdon, here. “I am very disappointed in Gary [Jones] & Todd [Lamb]for not jumping on this lawsuit with Gary Richardson.That’s the first thing they should h […]

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With 3 major sets of plaintiffs already having filed court challenges to the Revenue measures passed by the legislature, The Oklahoma Supreme Court has already set Tuesday, August 8th, as the day when all of these combined cases will be heard.  The first filed challenge came from producers, distributors, and retailers of tobacco products. They will seek to have the new tobacco tax nullified by constitutional restrictions […]

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