ROPE:  One Two Three, What Are We Voting For?

After spending nearly a decade heavily involved in politics, it’s quite a departure for me to admit I can’t name all the candidates running for Lt. Governor off the top of my head. I’ll be honest…I’m not even sure I can name all 27 – or however many – gubernatorial candidates.

Sadly, I’m not dying about it. Why? I’m still plugged in enough to know who to go to for voting advice and I still READ. Yes, it’s true! There are actually things you can READ to get information enough to make informed voting decisions!

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The 2018 Oklahoma Conservative IndexPublished by the Oklahoma ConstitutionOklahoma’s Conservative Newspaper since 1979This issue of the Oklahoma Constitution presents the 40th annual Oklahoma Conservative Index, rating our state legislators. Members of…

OCPAC's Michener: "Mary's Little Lamb"

The following column was submitted by OCPAC President John Michener. Michener is publicly supporting gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher; OCPAC endorsed Fisher during the summer.Mary’s Little Lambby John MichenerDuring the 2016 legislative session, the …

Conservative leaders urge Oklahoma politicians to protect taxpayers

Conservative leaders urge Oklahoma politicians to protect taxpayers

September 28, 2017

Dear Governor and State Lawmakers,

We are a coalition of conservative citizens, many of us serving in leadership of state or local organizations, who write to urge you to address the need for more consolidation and other efficiencies in all areas of state government and to resist raising taxes on your constituents.

Many Oklahoma families and businesses are struggling and have been forced to reduce their own spending. Indeed, Oklahomans lost more than $13 billion in taxable income and reduced purchases by $4.1 billion in one year alone when oil prices collapsed.

And yet, Oklahoma’s total state government spending is at an all-time high. The state is now on track to spend more money next year—more than $17.9 billion—than at any time in our history. If you believe that certain state services are not adequately funded, we urge you to prioritize spending rather than raise taxes.

“Limited government” and “lower taxes” have been winning campaign messages in Oklahoma over the last decade. Some candidates have even made written promises to oppose and vote against (or veto) “any and all efforts to increase taxes.” We encourage you to stay true to these principles and to oppose efforts to increase the burden of government on hard-working Oklahoma families.


Activist Alert:  Open Government Rule is a Top Priority on Feb 6th

It would seem to be a no brainer, that your representatives assigned to various committees would actually consider the bills brought before them. However, ask any activist involved for more than one cycle if you want to hear the war stories!

The House officially convenes on Monday, February 6, and their first order of business will be to adopt the rules which will govern how they operate for the session. On that day, a representative will propose the adoption of the “Open Government Rule,” which states, “A bill shall be heard and receive a vote in committee if the primary author requests it in writing; and a bill, having passed committee, shall be heard and receive a vote on the House floor if the primary author requests it in writing.”

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Stolen Government to Open Government

Published on Dec 14, 2016
OCPAC meeting in OKC Area

Former Oklahoma Representative Charles Key explains why we have no real representation and the need for an Open Government rule which requires a hearing of certain legislative proposals.

Charles Key has written a pamphlet on topic. Please obtain one and make sure your representative has a copy. I will share a link here when possible. Attend an OCPAC meeting in the meantime if you can do that because I know they will have them available.

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To Retain or Not to Retain…

For several days now I have been wanting to do a post on judicial retention in Oklahoma. Sadly, I was never able to find the information that I wanted to do a post I would have been satisfied with. It is election eve and many of you have already voted in early voting. I apologize for that, but this is all that I have found. My summary version on how I plan to vote is that at the moment of writing this Hudson is the only one I plan to vote to retain. My general philosophy is “When in doubt, vote them out.” Hudson was the only one I could find any philosophical reasons to support him. OCPAC said,

He was recently appointed by Gov. Fallin to the Criminal Court of Appeals. Hudson appears to be a serious Christian, and everyone consulted gave him very high marks.

You can often tell a little about the judicial slots by who appointed them and that tells you a little about the current problems we face (that information on appointments is documented in the Sooner Politics article referenced below.

The best article I found was published by OCPAC. The section on judges is reprinted here:

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – To Retain or Not to Retain…

OCPAC & Michener's Musings: Candidates, State Questions, Judges

“Charlie’s Picks,” now “Michener’s Musings,” General Election Nov. 8.  Over thirty years ago, friends of Charlie Meadows, founder of OCPAC, began asking him for his opinions on issues and candidates.  Eventually the number of inquiries became so great that he began sending a mass email before each election which he called “Charlie’s Picks.”  When Charlie retired as the President of OCPAC in March 2015, the duties of weekly commentary and election advice transferred to me, John Michener.  To avoid confusion over authorship, we have decided that future election opinions, picks, and endorsements of OCPAC will be published under the heading “Michener’s Musings.”

You have our permission to forward these picks as far as you like.  If you have received these picks by forward, please join our Facebook group to receive regular updates, or send us an email at michenerjs@gmail.com to be added to our email distribution list.  We generally send only one update per week, and we will not share your email address with anyone.  To become an official member, join OCPAC today.

The following advice represents the opinion of the current OCPAC President and a majority of OCPAC’s leadership Board.  Our recommendations will be organized into five major sections:  1) U.S. Races, 2) State Questions, 3) Judging Justices & Judges, 4) Oklahoma Senate Races, and 5) Oklahoma House of Representatives Races.  In each race we have endorsed a candidate, picked a candidate, or leave it at “your choice.”  Here is what those designations mean:

Endorsed.  Candidates who are endorsed by OCPAC have received our seal of approval.  You can rest assured that their values align with OCPAC values.  They have completed our survey and appeared in person before our PAC for a grueling interview.  Based on this vetting process, we believe they understand the proper role of limited government.  They believe in the superiority of free markets over state-guided economic development, even in areas such as education and health care.  They understand the duty of the state to defend its citizens against the oppression of the federal government.  They believe we should not sanction, institutionalize, or encourage evil and depraved behavior, even if the federal government has done so.

OCPAC endorsed candidates include:  Jim Bridenstine, Matt Jackson, Tom Gann, Molly McKay, Kevin McDugle, Kyle Hilbert, Joe Newhouse, Scott McEachin, Tess Teague, Joseph Silk, Nathan Dahm, Chuck Strohm, David Brumbaugh, Travis Dunlap, Steven McGowen, and Jason Murphey.

PICKED.  Some candidates we simply pick.  This typically means the candidate agrees with us on certain key issues of high importance which would make that candidate more preferable than the alternatives.  We will attempt to explain a little about each pick.