Second Amendment Sanctuary Act

The Second Amendment Sanctuary Act (SB631) was signed into law and we gathered for a photo on August 5th. Thank you Governor Kevin Stitt, Senator Warren Hamilton, Representative Sean Roberts and many other legislators who supported this to defend our …

OK2A Adds Their Name to Amicus Brief

We wanted to update you on the Bump Stock Ban situation. Here’s the Amicus Brief we filed in the OK2A name. To read the entire brief, click to open and download. Here’s an excerpt from the brief: “Amici curiae are Tennessee Firearms Association, Grass Roots North Carolina, Oregon Firearms Federation, Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Bama Carry, Arizona Citizens Defense League, Open Carry Texas, Iowa Firearms Coalition, New Jersey Second Amendment Society, and All ten amici are non-profit organizations organized under the laws of their respective states. Lead amicus Tennessee Firearms Association (“TFA”) has thousands of members and supporters in Tennessee, as well as members and supporters in the other states within this Circuit. TFA promotes the right to keep and bear arms, with an emphasis on the Second and Tenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 26 of the Tennessee Constitution.”

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Please watch this 3-minute video about OK2A getting involved in the litigation on the Bump Stock Ban.

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No Trespassing Signage

This was posted on FB by Don Spencer on July 16th. Many of you wanted a .jpg of it, so here it is! Right-click on the image and select to download as picture.
 If you’re not on social, here’s the post!
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Bill Filed Lowering Age to 18 for Constitutional Carry

We at OK2A would like to thank State Senator Nathan Dahm for introducing SB1093 to return the rights of Oklahomans and Americans.

If you can lawfully vote or lawfully acquire a gun, then you should be able to carry it.

Don Spencer

OK2A 2021 Bills That Did Not Pass

The 2021 Legislative session was a very productive one for our Second Amendment rights and for all of us who support OK2A. Scroll through our blog and read through the many accomplishments. This link will take you to the final update of the Oklahoma 20…

Final Update of 2021 Oklahoma Legislative Session

The 2021 Legislative Session has successfully concluded with a great response from our legislators and governor. Thank you to the many bill authors, supporters and the support of OK2A members.
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