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SB6 is unlicensed carry of a firearm in Oklahoma. The bill is to be heard in the House of Reps on Wed, April 26. Call your Rep to support the bill at 405-521-2711, NOW. Leave a message.

[Editor’s Note: It will be interesting to see how many candidate wannabees are out campaigning for the people’s rights – just saying and watching…/sc]  

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Activist Alert:  Open Government Rule is a Top Priority on Feb 6th

It would seem to be a no brainer, that your representatives assigned to various committees would actually consider the bills brought before them. However, ask any activist involved for more than one cycle if you want to hear the war stories!

The House officially convenes on Monday, February 6, and their first order of business will be to adopt the rules which will govern how they operate for the session. On that day, a representative will propose the adoption of the “Open Government Rule,” which states, “A bill shall be heard and receive a vote in committee if the primary author requests it in writing; and a bill, having passed committee, shall be heard and receive a vote on the House floor if the primary author requests it in writing.”

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OK2A 2016 News Summaries & Archives

OK2A has recently updated their website and some of their links have changed. Their feeds were interrupted on OKGrassroots in the transition.

Here are links to some articles that you may have missed or want to keep for reference from October 2016:

OK2A gives State Sen. Joseph Silk top award

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association To Present Top Legislative Award to State Senator Joseph Silk at Heritage House Reception in Antlers

(10/19/2016) – Don Spencer, President of Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, will present the Minuteman Legislator of the Year Award to State Senator Joseph Silk (R-Broken Bow) at an event to be held in Silk’s honor. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend the event, which will be at 4pm on Monday, October 24th at Heritage House, located at 610 SW D St in Antlers.

Don Spencer stated, “Senator Joseph Silk is a standout in the State Senate, tirelessly and stalwartly defending our 2nd Amendment rights and private property rights. Senator Silk was the Senate author for HJR1009 to update the state constitution to read to “The right to keep and bear arms …shall not be infringed.” This was OK2A’s premiere bill for the 2015 and 2016 session. He was senate author of multiple pieces of legislation to protect rights, from HB2936 which protects landowners from unjust condemnation to HB2637, the Oklahoma Hunting Freedom Act. State Senator Silk is a leader who has demonstrated strongly his commitment to upholding constitutional freedoms.”

The award is given to the legislator who “aggressively defends the God-given right of the individual to self-preservation and who advances significant legislation to restore the Second Amendment right of the individual to keep and bear arms.” In 2016, that award goes to State Senator Joseph Silk (R-Broken Bow).

OK2A: OKC Meeting - Shooting Sports Complex on October 18th

OK2A OKC Meeting
Tuesday, October 18
6:30 PM
Shooting Sports Complex (400 S Vermont)

Several area pro-gun legislators will be present to receive awards from the Association. Additionally, we will recap the 2016 Legislative Session and preview some bills that will be filed for the 2017 Legislative Session.

OK2A reviews Tadlock's gun record after claim

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association Completes Review of Voting Record,
After Claim by State Representative Johnny Tadlock

A Note from Don Spencer, President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association:

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association has received multiple requests recently to review the voting record of State Representative Johnny Tadlock (D-Idabel), due to his public proclamation and campaign talking points such as the one Rep. Tadlock published on his facebook page: “Next we can talk about the Second Amendment… there is not another legislator that defends those rights anymore than I do…and my record is clear on that as well…”

The following is detail of our findings:

State Representative Johnny Tadlock (D-Idabel) Gun Voting Record

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association Finding: Upon review the voting record of State Rep. Johnny Tadlock (D-Idabel) in correlation with all other members of the State Legislature, there are 68 members in the State House with higher gun advocacy voting records in the 2016 session than State Representative Tadlock, and 12 of those are democrats.

OK2A.org Tools Up For The Future

As many of you have noticed, our websites have been down for a couple of months.  We took them down while we re-organized so that we would be better situated to deal with the anti-gun forces at work in our state that seek to rob you and me of our God-given right to self-preservation.  We made some changes to this site, mostly in the wording of some of the content, in preparation for two new sites and two new organizations. 

Here is a brief run-down of the changes we are making:
We are in the