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Integrity Has Vanished From The West

Paul Craig Roberts

Among Western political leaders there is not an ounce of integrity or morality. The Western print and TV media is dishonest and corrupt beyond repair. Yet the Russian government persists in its fantasy of “working with Russia’s Western partners.” The only way Russia can work with crooks is to become a crook. Is that what the Russian government wants?


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R3publicans:  An Impolitic Slumgullion Diverser is Worser, and Now What?

by Fred Reed

Gazing out over the chaos of America today, the racial and ethnic antagonism, the hostility over sex and faith and politics–I have never seen anything like it. The country is imploding. The main culprit is diversity–in the broad sense, not just the juxtaposition of races, but the mixing of ideas and philosophies with no dominant culture to maintain order. Current policies promoting this mess are insane.


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Childless genetic dead rules Europe, 12 EU leaders have no children

Childless genetic dead rules Europe, 12 EU leaders have no children

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Childlessness among European leaders is becoming an increasing dangerous trend as normal people usually look up to their leaders and tend to do what they do as a perfect recipe for success but are these leaders even suited to be role models?

Demographics in Europe are a disaster. Among native white Europeans they stand somewhere around 0.9 to 1.1. Back in 2006 an in depth study revealed countries like France having only 1.8 children per Christian family. Germany had a 1.3 rate and Italy 1.2. Throughout the entire European continent the child rate was only 1.38. Today the rate is worse then ever before and keep in mind, the study was conducted on a religious basis, Christians vs Muslims, not on a racial basis. There were and are many of non-Muslim immigrants in Europe as well such as Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, East Asians, etc. Childless white Europe is dying right before our eyes.


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Police Chief Applauds Pipe Shop Acquittal

Chief Stephen Mills is a municipal police chief in central Oklahoma. He published this assessment of the Norman pipe shop acquittal, in his blog, Peace Officers & Liberty. ​Yesterday, a little before 10:00 pm a Cleveland county Jury returned a Not Guilty verdict against the owners and management of the Friendly Market in Norman Oklahoma.For those of you not familiar with the case, the market owners and management as well as store employees were charged wit […]

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Fool the Media with Deception The Stealth Jihad

By the Watchman
  We feel reasonably certain that everyone has heard about the incident involving an Oklahoma State Representative, Muslim students and representatives of CAIR. There are a few things that were left out of the reports seen on television and reported in newspapers that we felt you should be made aware of. What brought this to our attention was this article Oklahoma lawmaker receiving backlash after asking Muslim students to fill out ‘hateful’ questionnaire before meeting with them.

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Not By A Long Shot!

The Watchman
*Editors note:  This story is a bit dated as it was written a month ago and updated for the second accusations against Kirby.  However it serves as a great recap to remind everyone of the basics of the scandal so we are publishing it.
  Well folks our legislature has managed to make Oklahoma the laughing stock of the nation again. If you were to believe the story being told, the offending legislator knew nothing of the settlement. We find that hard to swallow. Not only is that hard to believe, but a now out of office term limited individual is claiming responsibility for the cover-up. It gets worse from this point. Not only did they cover it up, but they used tax payers dollars to do so. Considering the way the government just blows through money these days we feel confident that they didn’t think a mere forty-four thousand five hundred dollars ($44,500.00) would be missed. Well it was. We feel confident in saying there isn’t a school district out there that wouldn’t have enjoyed that money so they could hire an additional teacher.
  We began our research by going to the offender official web site at here Representative Dan Kirby – Oklahoma House of Representatives . There was nothing out of the ordinary here except that he listed two daughters but no wife. We are sure he has his reasons and won’t pry into them as they have no bearing on this article.

The next article of interest we found was this Dan Kirby – Ballotpedia. This article shows the election results for his entire political career as well as his committee appointments during his career. It also contains some contributor information. No names are listed but it does show you the amount received by his campaign.
Now what brought our attention to this problem was this article Inman Questions Kirby Settlement Payments | The McCarville Report. This report raises a very valid question. We know the amount paid to the plaintiff and her attorney to settle this, but what hasn’t been made available is the amount paid to the House’s outside legal counsel was paid. We would urge you to open the link and read the article yourself. There are several other questions raised that are all very valid.