Sooner Politics:  House Leadership Is Sitting On Bills For Education Reform

Speaker Charles McCall recently asked that a citizen’s group file their own initiative petition for the education reforms he believes are needed, but which he won’t allow a floor vote.  The Oklahoma legislative leaders have other education funding measures prepared, which put a cap on school district administrative spending. It would provide far more money for classroom teachers by cutting the massive bloat in administrative spending.  Oklahoma is one of the least efficient states in…

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Sooner Politics:  Oklahoma Veto Referendum Group Prepares For Signature Gathering

Former US Senator Tom Coburn  The Oklahoma legislative leaders are terrified of a group of citizens who are preparing to let the voters decide on a massive tax increase which passed last month.  Former US Senator Tom Coburn went to the state capitol for a press conference and excoriated the lack of fiscal reform in education & the continued growth of crony capitalism which gives $70 million in cash each year to corporate wind generating operations from out of state.​&nb…

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Sooner Politics:  Oklahoma's Protectionist Laws & Eyewear Retailing

State Question 793 Could Lead To Far Lower Eyewear Prices For Oklahomans   Oklahoma has so many state questions on our ballots. In many cases those voter initiative petitions are a testament to a failed legislature. We have a legislature which has been purchased by trade groups and special interests. They use state law to keep other Oklahomans from challenging their protected market share, and force the consumers into paying higher prices for less available…

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Sooner Politics:  Wrong-headed State Opioid Laws Growing

  Senator John Cornyn just asked a health professional in US Senate committee hearings, about the connection between heroin deaths and opioid prescription regulations.  The federal committee testimony establishes that it is state regulations limiting patients from getting proper care & oversight of their health challenges, that leads to desperate patients turning to the cheaper street opioids, HEROIN & FENTANYL.   Our Oklahoma state legisl […]

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MuskogeePolitico:  Some in-depth on the candidate filing details

As mentioned in my previous post, a record 794 candidates filed for office last week. In this post, I went through some statistics on the filings, but here I’ll break it down further and give some more details on races.

1st District: …

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