Dr. James Taylor: "Don't Spend That Teacher Pay Raise Just Yet"

  An Oklahoma City Educator provides a sober perspective on the possible long-term effects of this week’s striking school teachers. ​Don’t Spend That $6,000 Raise Just Yet – By Dr. James Taylor –   I absolutely love teaching and approach each day with enthusiasm to share with my students (although, by seventh hour some of that enthusiasm has waned). As I write this, I am in my classroom without students to teach, for a third day! Ther […]

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Richardson; "It's Time To End The Teacher Walkout"

  After a week of bizarre lack of state authority to maintain an orderly public education system,​​ there is a growing frustration among the citizens. For many Oklahomans, It seems no one is willing to be the adult in the room. Not the local school boards, the State Superintendent, and certainly not our current governor.  Gubernatorial candidate Gary Richardson released the following statement calling for the end of the weeklong teacher walkout. […]

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R3publicans:  Sealed indictments coming unsealed. Takedown in progress.  Majors leaving country or going to prison…

Language warning! BUT very important news – The Cabal is going down. Takedown in progress. Sealed indictments coming unsealed. Majors leaving country or going to prison… Here is David Seaman celebrating the win — I hope and pray true news!!!

FYI David Seaman is part of the team bringing the “Q Drops” to the public through the web sites he and his team managed. If you don’t know who Q is go to a previous post. -> Q Anon (and the Deep State) for Dummies

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ROPE2:  The Public Education Funding Mess Is The Fault Of EVERY Citizen - So How Do We Fix It?

Since the beginning of this legislative session here in Oklahoma, teachers have been demanding raises. In March, the Oklahoma legislature passed an unprecedented tax to fund teacher raises and other educational needs, raising oil and gas production taxes to 5%, adding a $1 increase per pack on cigarettes, 6 cents on diesel/3 cents gas increases and a $5 tax on hotel motel tax (later repealed). While public education advocates celebrated, taxpayers fretted – and they have good reason to do so.
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