Sooner Politics: Steve Bannon Vows National Referendum On RINOs

  Breitbart News executive chairman, Steve Bannon, stepped down from his key White House position to take on a more radical task… cleaning up the Republican Senate.  He picked a year when Republicans only have 8 held seats to hold. The Democrats and their 2 independent colleagues have 25 seats to defend.  Bannon is determined to dethrone Mitch McConnell from the top office in the senate. A position that McConnell must use his PAC and other alliances, to keep.  The folks at…

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R3publicans:  A ‘War’ Has Been Declared On The Republican Establishment, And We Are Going To Win

BY IWB · OCTOBER 10, 2017

By Michael Snyder

It is time to flush the toilet in Washington D.C., and I am so glad that Steve Bannon has decided to declare “war” on the Republican establishment. For decades, these globalists have told us what we want to hear during election season, but then once they take office they betray us over and over again. It is time to hold Republican members of Congress responsible for betraying the base, and I am so thankful that Bannon is organizing anti-establishment candidates into a cohesive movement. We are going to challenge Republican incumbents all over the nation in 2018, and we are going to win over and over again.


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MuskogeePolitico:  Glen Mulready kicks off Insurance Commissioner campaign

Glen Mulready Launches Campaign for Insurance Commissioner
Announces Campaign Funds of More than $300,000

TULSA, OK – More than a hundred supporters from across the state joined Glen Mulready last night to officially launch his campaign for Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner.

“I am humbled and energized by the number of people who attended the kick-off and who have supported my campaign,” said Glen Mulready, “I am grateful for every donation I have received. The campaign is growing and I look forward to continuing to travel the state to share my vision with voters about how we improve access to insurance, make our state more business friendly, and protect consumers.”

R3publicans:  The Stories We Tell About Money

Andreas is a great story teller and has a way of explaining Bitcoin that the uninitiated can understand. He recounts the history of Bitcoin and what it represents, building upon all the stories we’ve been told over the centuries about what “money” is, how we perceive its value, and why the old answers have changed […]

Sooner Politics:  'Pork Projects' Threaten Core State Functions

What started as a $20 million repair to the capitol building, is becoming the cinder block that could drown the state and threaten public safety for all of us.  The legislature has an insatiable appetite for luxury and self-indulgence. This is obvious when you look at a capitol build which once housed the entire state govt. under Democrat dominance. Now the building doesn’t house the high courts, Attorney General, Labor, education, Insurance, or the records of those agencies. Yet the legis…

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As part of the ongoing restoration work at the State Capitol, the building’s aging electrical infrastructure will be replaced, necessitating the complete closure of the Capitol building for an entire week, starting tomorrow evening.

This had been scheduled for quite some time, and will mean that the Legislature will be unable to meet for the ongoing Special Session until power is restored and the building is reopened on Monday, October 23rd.

State Capitol Building to be Temporarily Closed for  Electrical Upgrade

OKLAHOMA CITY – The State Capitol building, which will be without power, will be closed to everyone but workers from Manhattan Construction for one week starting at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 13, per direction of the Oklahoma Fire Marshal. The temporary closure is necessary to ensure the safety of construction workers, tenants and visitors while the Capitol’s outdated electrical infrastructure is being replaced. The building will be reopened to tenants and the public on Monday, Oct. 23.

“When you’re talking about this sort of voltage, there’s virtually no way to work it safely when you’re talking about the terminations. That’s why you have to completely shut down the power to do the work,” said Andrea Gossard in a video detailing the electrical power project. Gossard is the project manager for Manhattan Construction, the company handling the interior restoration work.

The upgrade will allow the old and new systems to run parallel during restoration. As restoration progresses, electrical service will be switched from the old to the new, thus limiting the need for future power outages.

“As in all aspects of the Capitol Restoration project, safety is our No. 1 priority,” Capitol Restoration Project Manager Trait Thompson said. “This work is necessary to make the transition from the Capitol’s outdated electrical system to a modern system. This is one more positive step in the restoration of the people’s building.”

Thompson says the Office of Management and Enterprise Services established a special project team for the outage and assigned key staff to partner with the agencies in relocating them to other state office buildings during the time the Capitol is without power.

Since the announcement of the outage was made in April, OMES’ entire project team has met in person twice with representatives from every Capitol tenant, as well as numerous times over the phone and by email to coordinate logistics for moving phones, printers, computers, specialized equipment and other necessary items to their temporary locations. Additionally, OMES worked out a plan with each tenant for mail delivery during the outage. For those tenants with IT servers in the building, there was a special meeting to review shutdown and power up procedures and timelines.

Signs announcing the closure will be posted at each Capitol building entrance. On Oct. 13, prior to powering down the building, OMES and the Department of Public Safety will physically inspect every area of the building to ensure everyone has vacated. Once the all-clear is given, OG&E will commence action to bring the power down.

Visit for more information on the Capitol Restoration project, including documents related to the electrical work on the blog “VIDEO: Electrical Shutdown Necessitates Capitol Closure in October.

  Journalists from several outlets, including the Daily Oklahoman, have sought to interview the more recent candidate in the Oklahoma governor’s race. Mick Cornett, whose careers include decades of anchoring local news programs, has so far refused a ‘sit down’ interview about his attempt to become the next governor. One slight interview was snagged at the Oklahoma City Fair, where a novice student of the American Broadcasting school did speak for a few seconds with Cornett, but that…

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