Congressman Thomas Massie Endorses Nathan Dahm in Oklahoma’s 1st District Congressional Race

Broken Arrow, OK — Today, Nathan Dahm, Conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Oklahoma’s 1st District, announced the endorsement of Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky. A staunch taxpayer watchdog, Congressman Massie says Nathan Dahm has a proven record the voters of Oklahoma can trust. 

“I hope the voters of Oklahoma will send Nathan Dahm to help me drain the swamp. Nathan’s track record proves he is the conservative voice the voters of Oklahoma can trust,” said Congressman Thomas Massie, R-KY. “When budgets tightened, Nathan Dahm kept his promises by holding the line against new tax increases and government expansion. Like me, he has consistently stood for limited government, individual rights, and the Constitution even when those around him have not.”

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Washington may be more secretive nowadays than at any time in recent decades. Federal policymakers have become accustomed to rationing what they release while citizens are assured that official secrecy makes them more secure. But American democracy cannot survive perpetual bipartisan coverups from the political ruling class.


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Nathan Dahm:  Constitutional Carry (SB1212)

Have you heard the news? We just scored a huge victory for the 2nd Amendment here in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma legislature passed my Senate Bill 1212 known as Constitutional Carry, guaranteeing every law-abiding Oklahoman has the ability to defend themselves without the burden of a government-issued license.

I believe the 2nd Amendment and the right to self-defense is fundamental. That’s why I proudly lead the charge to secure your rights and passed Constitutional Carry. 

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