She Said 'Yes!' To The Senate's Most Eligible Bachelor

While many other Oklahoma candidates were out seeking approval of the masses, one state senator was completing his most important and very selective commitment.  Senator Nathan Dahm, of Broken Arrow, asked Brinkley Davison’s hand in marriage on Friday night. And in dramatic fashion he made the proposal in public to an unsuspecting young Tulsan & alumni of Oral Roberts University.  Dahm is in the middle of his 2nd 4-year term in the Oklahoma Senat […]

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R3publicans:  Migrant Caravan Not Walking – They’re Being Transported to US Border on the Back of Flat Bed Trucks (VIDEO)

The migrant caravan to the US is not walking. That is all for show and just part of a Democrat production. The migrants are actually being carted on the back of flat bed trucks.


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A Little Known Story about Kevin Stitt Surfaces

I just spoke with Marlene Klepper, who made the video below recently.  I  linked up with her on facebook in order to confirm this report of Kevin Stitt’s prayerful generosity which she so sweetly documented.   The video was sent to me by my friend, Richard Ely. It is a personal testimony of an act not promoted by Kevin Stitt’s campaign, although they could have.  It was told because it is important and gives insight to his character.  It was important to Marlene to get it out and seems important to me to share.   I  have already voted for him (voted during early voting) so it merely confirmed my vote but some of you may still be seeking info — so here is the video.

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Citizen Trump

President Trump says he’ll end birthright citizenship. That’s the deal where immigrants give birth after entering the country illegally. The baby is a U.S. citizen according to the 14th amendment to the constitution. At least that’s what the WSJ it says means in an editorial “Rewriting the 14th Amendment.” But according to Trump that’s not what it

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MuskogeePolitico:  Now more than ever, Oklahoma needs Stitt/Pinnell

Oklahoma is at a crossroads, particularly for the Republican Party. Will we continue down the road of bigger and more intrusive government, expanded and higher taxes, and increased abandonment of conservative principles, or will we choose fiscal respon…

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MuskogeePolitico:  Voter registration soars ahead of General Election

Voter registration soars ahead of General Election(Oklahoma City) – Official voter registration statistics released Thursday show a net increase of more than 104,000 voters this year, with total registration well over levels for recent gubernatorial el…

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MuskogeePolitico:  Judicial Retention Voter Information

Finding information for the judicial retention voting is one of the most difficult and frustrating things about Oklahoma’s election system. There’s often little to no information to find out about the justices from the Oklahoma Supreme Court, Court of …

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