MuskogeePolitico/Poll: Cornett 15.2%, Lamb 13.8%, Richardson 10%

A new poll released by the Gary Richardson campaign shows a tight race in the GOP gubernatorial primary.Just 1.4% separates the leaders, OKC Mayor Mick Cornett and Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb. Gary Richardson trails by just under 4%, with Kevin Stitt 1.6% behin…

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Sooner Politics:  Oil Producers Are Paying 60% More In Taxes This Year

 Oklahoma’s State Treasurer, Ken Miller, is reporting big increases in the oil field taxes paid to the state. He says in his recent press release;”Oil and gas gross production tax collections brought in $564.9 million during the 12 months, up by $206.9 million, or 57.8 percent, from the previous period.” Here’s more of Miller’s report – “Monthly Gross Receipts to the Treasury entered a second year of growth in January with collections topping th […]

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R3publicans:  Inside the luxury doomsday bunker complex where 10,000 people will prepare for ‘the end of the world’

  • Bunker complex is being created by California-based company Vivos at a military site in South Dakota
  • Each bunker is 26ft wide and 80ft long (8 metres by 24 metres) and can accommodate 10 to 20 people
  • Bunkers were used by the Army in 1942 and built with reinforced concrete to withstand a 500,000-ton blast
  • Instead of windows, LEDs are placed inside the bunkers to simulate the different views of the outside world
  • By Phoebe Weston For Mailonline

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    R3publicans/Rand Paul: It’s Time for a New American Foreign Policy

    Americans have also been increasingly clear that they are tired of constant war.

    Rand Paul

    What kind of job can you have where you are consistently wrong, yet get to still go on TV talking endlessly and making more wild predictions that will no doubt lead to the same failed result?

    If you guessed “TV Weatherman” you’re close…but the job I’m referring to is “Neocon Foreign Policy Expert”


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    Sooner Politics:  Shh! Don't Tell Anyone... The Oklahoma Recession Is Over

      State Treasurer, Ken Miller, is reporting a record increase continues for state taxes collected. More than 15% increase for February, compared to last year. OKLAHOMA CITY – February Gross Receipts to the Treasury grew by 15.5 percent from the same month of the prior year and reflect an increasing growth rate in collections over the past year, State Treasurer Ken Miller announced today.For 13 o […]

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    ROPE:  How Do We Know Teachers Need A Raise If We Don't Do Our Homework?

    In case you’ve been under a rock and haven’t learned about the West Virginia teachers who have apparently inspired teacher walkouts in Arizona, Kentucky and Oklahoma, I thought it important to make sure anyone who wanted to do more than hear talking points and rhetoric have direct access to OSDE data.

    In my next few blogs, I’m going to try and hit some of the talking points pushed by OEA (Oklahoma Education Association – the state arm of the National Teachers Association (NEA) – the UNION pushing the walkout), doing the calculations right in front of you and providing links to check my figures. I want to make sure readers have direct access to some of the more important links I’ll be using for fact checking, however, so all this is public.
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    Rex Tillerson: The Final Insult

    Former Secretary of State Tillerson says President Trump decided on his own to meet with Kim Jong Un. That was right after Tillerson publicly advised holding off on the meeting. Trump’s decision to fire Tillerson was his own idea too. Tillerson learned of it when he read the president’s tweet. Final Insult Calling Trump a

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    Sooner Politics Editorial: Media Outlets Discuss A Path Forward On Education

      Following our report on the success of Online Charter Public Schools, KOTV News contacted me for a discussion of the education issues that Oklahoma is faced with.  Journalist Emory Bryan has nearly 30 years experience in Oklahoma TV news. He and I visited this afternoon and rolled the tape. We spoke nearly a half hour and I trust he’ll do his best to condense the content down to fit within the producer’s mandate. That’s a lot to ask of anyone. We’ll post the video when the station…

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