Sooner Politics: Rep. John Bennett Takes A Stand For Agency Oversight

John Bennett is one of several speakers who have addressed the great need for cleaning up the agencies and the legislative appropriations process.  Rep. John Bennett was in Tulsa last night to speak to the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly’s monthly meeting. He told the dozens of members that he will work with the House efforts to step up oversight of state agencies and seek to find more opportunities to reform the agencies and eliminate wasteful practices.​   The Tulsa World sent …

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Sooner Politics: House & Senate Whips Call Out Gov. Fallin For Bad Faith & Incompetence

 The Senate Majority Whip, Nathan Dahm, recently discussed the bad behavior and instability of the current governor, Mary Fallin.  Dahm spoke early Monday morning on Tulsa Talk Radio KFAQ. In that conversation with host Pat Campbell, a clip from the Sunday evening interview with House Majority Whip, Terry O’Donnell was referenced.   Both the Senate & House leaders are navigating their course as we speak.   Senator Dahm suggests a possible call of the House…

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Sooner Politics: Guest Opinion: Is It Time For Fallin To Go?

With the news of Gov. Fallin vetoing the budget that came out of the special session a few days ago, there were a lot of livid people across the state. I think many were faced with one primary lingering question including some elected officials: Is it time to talk about impeaching the governor of Oklahoma? If you live in the state of Oklahoma, you may be aware of the special session that has been dragging on for weeks. Lawmakers, including Governor Fall […]

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Sooner Politics: Governor Uses Veto Pen On Most of Budget - Legislature To Be Called Back... Again.

  Will the Legislature Override a Budget Veto? We will see. But the governor decided to cut up the several dozen sections and create a partial bill, which she signed as partially meeting her own objectives.   This much is clear; she doesn’t care how much further debt she creates by these special sessions. A new special session is likely to result in a similar budget which she can either sign or veto.   We have not had this degree of disconnec […]

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Sooner Politics: The Defeat Of The Governor's Scheme

  Gov. Mary Fallin faces the reality that she is defeated in her attempt to raise nearly $2 billion in new taxes, this year.   She tried in February. She tried in September. Each time she opened the legislative session, she threatened, she cajoled, she pontificated.  But each time she failed. Now she sits alone as the legislature goes home and sends her a bill which cuts more spending than raise new taxes.  If she vetoes this bill, she will f […]

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Sooner Politics: Protesters At Tulsa Jail Over Deportations

 Pro-life advocates on the right have long insisted that the state should defy federal jurisdiction on selective abortion. They cite the 10th amendment as a basis for resistance.   A group of advocates for ‘sanctuary cities’ is organizing a protest at the Tulsa County Jail, at noon, today.  They are angry with the sheriff for cooperating with the federal govt. to enforce the federal laws pertaining to lawful entry […]

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Sooner Politics: Finally, The Budget Solution That Will Pass

The House leadership signaled this weekend that they are going to pass a budget that relies on living within our means.Most of the Platform Caucus members will be supporting it. Rep. Murphey evidently will not. The sticking point for Murphey is the one added tax hike on a specified class of petroleum production.  The House session is this morning. It can be viewed live at: The bill is available here: http://www.oklegisla […]

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Sooner Politics: The "Within Our Means" Budget Gets A Vote

  Oklahoma Watch has a well-written article, describing the newest budget proposal House Bill 1019. We call it the “Within Our Means” budget, because it does not add more state spending, incur more debt, create new tax plans. This is a reflection of the voices of the budget hawks, both within the legislature and in the local coffee shops around the state. Here’s some of the article.​  Oklahoma lawmakers unveiled a new budget plan on Monday that would cut millions of dolla […]