Tulsa Radio Personality, Pat Campbell , has recently interviewed two Republican candidates for governor. Tulsa Businessman, Kevin Stitt and Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb both expressed support for a teacher pay raise but neither of them are asking the legislature to reconvene to fix a crucial sticking point in the legislation which authorized the latest teacher pay raise. Namely, the author of the bill tied the pay raise to another massive tax increase.That tax increase is being challenged by a…

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Sooner Politics:  Sen. Dahm Begins Petition For Special Session

  Tonight Senator Nathan Dahm Issued a statement at the Tulsa Republican Assembly. He announced a petition of the legislative members, calling a special session for later this summer. He was joined by Rep. Sean Roberts who is joining the effort as the House sponsor.  The two said they already have reached out to some colleagues and are getting strong support.  This kind of move bypasses the Governor and denies her the opportunity to set the agenda of such a…

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Oklahoma’s legislature is traditionally in session until Memorial Weekend. This year they clocked out 3 weeks early. And already we see 3 serious failures from that bad behavior. In the next two weeks the legislature could have prudently assessed some key developments and given the people of Oklahoma a better year ahead. Three Huge Issues Will Get No Action Form The Legislature. 1. Teacher Pay Raise Detachment From HB1010xx. State Treasurer Ken Miller did his […]

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  On May 15th, the House Republican Platform Caucus will be speaking to the Tulsa Republican Assembly about the achievements and developments in the Oklahoma legislature.​ Oklahoma conservatives have watched the state legislature struggle through some difficult battles in the past few years.  Our state’s economic forecasters have provided little in the way of prior warning of the state recession which we were enduring since 2015. Only now have we been […]

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Sooner Politics:  The Economic Boom & Unneeded Extraordinary Sessions

State Treasurer Ken Miller reports some spectacular economic news again, this month. State revenue (tax & fee collections) are way up, again. 15% higher than where they were at the same time last year. This means that the “Tobacco Cessation Fee” wasn’t even needed (it was struck down as a violation of the OK Constitution). Further, T=the special sessions were all just a reaction to a fake funding shortfall. We’re not saying they lied to us; but they were ver […]

Sooner Politics:  Faith Based Adoption Agencies Get Legislative Protections

  The Senator Majority Floor leader, Greg Treat, took the unique role of championing a significant legislative effort to protect and assist faith based adoption agencies in efforts to match biological parents, their children, with the adoptive parents of their choosing.   Just as Tribal entities stridently seek to advance their racial agenda by law, in the adoption process; Some biological parents seek to place their child with adoptive parents who wil […]

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Sooner Politics:  Senate Sends 'Constitutional Carry' to Governor For Signing

  In the late night session of the Oklahoma Senate, a lengthy debate occurred over Senator Dahm’s landmark legislation to restore full 2nd amendment rights to the people of Oklahoma.  Oklahoma is one signature away from joining 12 other states who fully support the unabridged right for free people to bear arms as stipulated by the Bill of Rights.  In the final senate vote, two Republican senators, Dugger & Yen, voted with the Democrat caucus to den […]

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Sooner Politics:  County Commissioners Decry State Confiscation Of County Road Funds

Can a legislature declare  take money retroactively from what a previous legislature appropriated? Can a legislator declare a retroactive tax hike on money we each earned 4 years ago?  Those are some analogies being floated by several county governments.  Just last week we heard several legislators characterize future wind industry credits as “breaching a contract with corporate partners”.  In the past few years our county governments have had funds appropriated to them for i […]

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Sooner Politics:  Stitt Now Opposes OTU's Veto Referendum of Massive New Taxes

Less than 24 hours after Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite(OTU) legally began the process of blocking the state’s largest tax increase in state history(HB1010xx), a candidate for governor who inaccurately claimed to be the group’s 1st pledged candidate, now says he will vote to implement the new taxes.  Tulsa businessman-turned-politician, Kevin Stitt, told KFAQ’s Pat Campbell Show that he wants the referendum to fail. He said something to the effect of; “I’m not going to vote to repeal it because…

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Sooner Politics:  Tax Hike Could Be Blocked - OTU Begins Gathering Signatures

  A little known and even less utilized constitutional right of Oklahomans is the ability to override a governor’s veto. Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite is now securing signatures of registered voters, so that the citizens can hold a vote on the recently-signed largest tax increase in the state’s history.  The State Treasurer’s economic forecast indicated that the budget anticipates a huge cash reserve of unspent currently collected tax revenue.  OTU will need about 41,000 valid…

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