​Mullin Broke Promise to Sponsor Term Limits Amendment for All of Congress

Washington, D.C. – A leading national term limits group is calling out Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) for breaking a promise he made to fight for a congressional term limits amendment.  U.S. Term Limits (USTL) highlighted that Rep. Mullin signed a pledge in 2011 vowing to co-sponsor legislation for congressional term limits, then broke his word by never sponsoring the bill. The broken commitment is especially relevant as debate in Oklahoma centers on […]

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Editorial: Markwayne Mullin Is Lying & Blaming God For It

  The 2012 campaign for 2nd district Congressman was very competitive and very spiritual. Two professed Christian businessmen, George Faught & Markwayne Mullin were seeking an open seat in congress. Mullin sought every advantage he could leverage and he believed that a self-imposed term limit of 6 years was a way to assure the voters that he would not become a typical Washington power broker.  Reporter Chris Casteel […]

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Waiting For 'Day One'

   In 2010, you said; “Elect The Tea Party,& we will defund ObamaCare!” So we did, and you did not.    In 2012, you said; “Elect us and we will abolish ObamaCare.”   But your nominee invented Obamacare. So you lost.    In 2014, you said;  “Just give us the senate, too; ​& this time we will end Obamacare!” So we did, and you did not.    In 2016, you said;  “Elect a Republican everything, and we’ll repeal Obamacare on Day One!” So we did, and you did not. […]

Bridenstine & The Oklahoma Media

Congressman Bridenstine’s effort to get his message to the citizens of Oklahoma requires an objective media. Sometimes that leaves any elected official very frustrated and even apprehensive about the fairness of the press.  At tonight’s town hall event I decided to focus on how the professional media does their job and what kind of package of information they produce. I talked with several of them and found them all to be engaging, courteous, and intent on […]

A Conservative's Guide To Town Hall Attendance

  This week Oklahoma Congressional delegates have announced several “town hall” meetings. Citizens will have several opportunities to attend a gathering, but getting there early is a key to even getting in the building.  National leftist groups are funding some very advanced efforts to co-opt the meetings and force a narrative of their own.  Some congressmen are holding small gatherings in remote towns during i […]

Bridenstine Town Hall Draws 2000

  About twenty seconds into the first question of tonight’s town hall, in South Tulsa; you knew exactly where the crowd divisions were. About 20% of the crowd seemed to be Democrat/Leftist. And about 100 of them were not going to respect the program format.  Healthcare was the 1st question and the loudest antagonists were screaming for ‘single-payer’ socialism. But at the same time they were loudly supporting ObamaC […]

Prosperity States Initiative

There is a bill (HB2132) in the Oklahoma legislature which requires us to educate ourselves about.  It calls for the legislature to approve an interstate compact whereby a group of citizens within our state may opt out of layers of current state regulations, protections, and benefits.  Those groups (usually municipalities or other local entities) would have to unanimously approve the agreement.  The proponents […]

Protecting Girls At the Oklahoma Capitol

  Four years ago, I trusted my 17 year old daughter to the care of my State Representative. I appreciate the concern and protection offered to the girls serving as pages at the capitol.  If there are men in the women’s rest room I will have a real problem with the legislature IF THEY DON’T allow my daughter a safe environment.  Yesterday, a staffer made such an accommodation for girls desiring […]