Kavanaugh’s Answers

Self proclaimed liberal feminist lawyer Lisa Blatt introduced her friend Brett Kavanaugh yesterday. And Senate Judiciary members finally got around to asking him questions. And Judge Kavanaugh’s answers seemed reasonable enough. He insisted he judges cases only on the merits, the Constitution and precedent. But that’s just the thing that drives most Democrats crazy says Seth

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Campaign Spending Laws Apply Equally

After busting Trump fixer Michael Cohen for violating campaign spending laws, U.S. attorney Robert Khuzami bragged “we are a nation of laws, with one set of rules that applies equally to everyone.” Kimberly Strassel at the WSJ doesn’t buy it: If there is only “one set of rules,” where is Mr. Mueller’s referral of a case

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Free Press Group-Think

The Boston Globe organized an editorial writing campaign last week. The idea was for independent newspapers to tell Trump to stop calling them “the enemy of the people.” All on the same day. Three hundred plus papers including the New York Times obliged. Some of the editorials also complained about Trump calling the media an “opposition

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Facebook Face Plant

The stock market unfriended Facebook yesterday. Investors vaporized $119 billion of Facebook’s value – 20% of the company’s market cap. It was the biggest 24 hour stock sale  in history.
Facebook Face Plant
Founder Mark Zuckerber…

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Koch Brothers Abandon Trump

The Koch brothers have jumped ship. They’ve given millions to Republicans in the past but they say they’re more interested ideas than party. Daniel Henninger in the WSJ reports, “In an interview, Charles Koch said trade wars and prosperity were incompatible and that his organization’s financial support wouldn’t depend on party affiliation.” Donald Trump called Koch…

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Internet Censors

Facebook, Apple, and YouTube kicked conspiracy theorist Alex Jones off the internet for “hate speech” on Monday. According to Vox Jones’ Infowars website gets 10 million viewers a month and his YouTube channel has two and a half million subscribers. Internet Censors As private companies they can censor anything they want. But Ben Shapiro says

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Venal Traitor Trump

Rand Paul doesn’t like former CIA Director John Brennan. And John Brennan doesn’t like a lot people. Especially Donald Trump. Here’s Brennan letting us know how he feels about the Venal Traitor Trump in his own tweets:   The “dustbin of history” crack is kind of interesting because Brennan wasn’t always opposed to Russian meddling. In fact,

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