Wall Fall

Pelosi’s a pro at politics. Trump, not so much. He ended the government shutdown for 3 weeks and got nothing in return but a promise to negotiate a wall Democrats don’t want and have no incentive to build. President Trump offered to take the blame for the shutdown and Nancy was glad to give it to him.

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Big Fish Little Fish

  Trump offered relief for young immigrant “Dreamers” in exchange for for his wall. It was an appeal to the Democrat’s base but Pelosi wouldn’t bite. She wants Trump stuffed and mounted, if not devoured. Meanwhile, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has bigger fish to fry. She says climate change will kill us all in 12 years,

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1980s Want Foreign Policy Back

The day before he reported for duty as a freshman U.S. Senator, Mitt Romney turned in his grades on the Chief Executive. In a Washington Post column Romney gave President Trump passing marks for some of his policies. But he flunked him for presidential character. But, on balance, his conduct over the past two years,

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Shutdown Timeout

Trump says $5.6 billion isn’t much for border security. Pelosi says, “We are giving the Republicans the opportunity to take yes for an answer,”  “Senate Republicans have already supported this legislation, and if they reject it now, they will be fully complicit in chaos and destruction of the President’s third shutdown of his term.” But

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Happy New Year Data

Electronic Frontiers Foundation took a look back at 2018 data privacy scandals. The Marriott hack that stole data from up to 500 million visitors made the cut. But the report says the really bad actors “were the tech companies themselves, harvesting of mountains of users’ data and employing flawed systems to use and share it.”

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Stock Market December to Remember

Your 401 (k) Goes Bungee Jumping It was the night before Christmas and the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 653 points. But the day after Christmas the bull bounced back for a record 1,000 point gain. Alas, the stock market December to remember continued as the Dow dropped 600 points the following morning. But not

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