Jeff Sessions vs Pot Industry

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has “trampled the will of the voters.” At least that’s the way Republican senator Cory Gardner of Colorado sees it. Gardner’s state has a thriving pot industry. It’s legal under Colorado law. But, it’s illegal under the federal marijuana tax act of 1937. And Sessions says it’s his job to enforce federal law.

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Best of Bok 2017

Bokbluster 2017 Cartoon Review

Here’s a look Bok at 2017. Click on a cartoon for a reminder of what it was all about. Then hit the back button to return here.

Happy New Year!

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Slow Walking iPhone

Apple is sorry it slowed your old iPhone 6. But the company wasn’t trying to force you to buy a new one. Just saving the batteries of the old ones. Meanwhile, Apple compensated C.E.O. Tim Cook $89 million in stock options, along with another $12 million cash. Airplane Mode He won’t be using airplane mode

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Niki Haley’s List

The U.N. General Assembly took a vote condemning the United States for moving its embassy to Jerusalem. U.S. Ambassador Nike Haley told them she would be taking names.
Haley’s List
Here’s how they voted: 128 yes, 9 no, 35 abstain.
The …

Big Bitcoin Bounce

It’s been a wild ride for bitcoin. According to the crypto coin lost 40% of its value last week. It dropped from $20,078 to $11,833. But was it just a buying opportunity? Bitcoin bounced to $15,147 yesterday. Big Bitcoin Heists Leonid Bershidsky writes in Bloomberg View that you’re money is safer in a bank. And don’t

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Pelosi’s Own Tax Facts

President Trump won big on tax reform. And Nancy Pelosi became unhinged. Here’s some of what she had to say about the bill: End of the world… Armagedon…Brazen theft from the middle class…Raises taxes on 86 million middle class…Moral Obscenity…Permanent Plutocracy…Unrepentant Greed…A Vote against Tiny Tim Tax Facts The fact is, according to Politco and others,

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Trump Insurance Mandate

FBI honchos Peter Strzok and Lisa Page shared their hate for Trump in hundreds of texts. Nothing wrong with that. Even FBI agents have political gripes. But these two weren’t just any agents. They were hired by Robert Mueller for his special investigation of Russian collusion in the 2016 election. And Strzok had led the

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