R3publicans:  U.S. Foreign Policy Has No Policy

President Donald Trump’s recent statement on the Jamal Khashoggi killing by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince might well be considered a metaphor for his foreign policy. Several commentators have suggested that the text appears to be something that Trump wrote himself without any adult supervision, similar to the poorly expressed random arguments presented in his tweeting only longer. That might be the case, but it would not be wise to dismiss the document as merely frivolous or misguided as it does in reality express the kind of thinking that has produced a foreign policy that seems to drift randomly to no real end, a kind of leaderless creative destruction of the United States as a world power.

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  Attorney Ron Durbin announced a significant development for Cannabis medicine patients and their caregivers. He reports that the City of Grove, OK is relenting on their former intent to clamp down on the rights of patients to get and keep their medicines in the city.  “Proud to announce that the letter Durbin Law Firm sent to the City of Grove and all of the follow ups have paid off. I’ve just reviewed the new ordinances they are adopting on the 18th, and they are completely backin…

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If You Murdered A Bunch Of People, Mass Murder Is Your Single Defining Legacy

author: Caitlin Johnstone
Thought experiment:

Think of an acquaintance of yours. Not someone you’re particularly close to, just some guy in the cast of extras from the scenery of your life. Now, imagine learning that that guy is a serial murderer, who has been prowling the streets for years stabbing people to death. Imagine he goes his whole life without ever suffering any consequences for murdering all those people, and then when he dies, everyone wants to talk about how great he was and share heartwarming anecdotes about him. If you try to bring up the whole serial killing thing, people react with sputtering outrage that you would dare to speak ill of such a noble and wonderful person.

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  The Chairman of the Agency Performance Audit Commission, Bob Sullivan; reports that his team’s first batch of audits on 6 agencies will be released to the Legislature & the public early in January.   Sullivan was one of 9 members appointed over a year ago by Pro Tem Schultz, Speaker McCall, & Gov. Fallin.   Last spring the commission was appropriated their first budget and the 9 volunteer members followed a bidding process to award […]

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Sports Illustrated Too

Christine Blasey Ford Presents Award The publisher of the popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue gave its Inspiration of the Year award to Rachael Denhollander. Rachel was the first to accuse Dr. Larry Nasser of sexually abusing her as a young gymnast under his care. And over 150 other other victims came forward to corroborate her story.

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The Prevalence of Myth over History

Today (Nov. 9) I heard a black historian on NPR say that the “civil war” was fought in order to establish a framework for human rights.

He also said that black civil rights achieved by the war were overturned by the rollback of Reconstruction, put back in place by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and was now being overturned again by Trump’s response to the caravan from Honduras.

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