What’s Wrong With the Electoral College?

Interest in our system for electing the President of the United States is high. I actually understand why voters feel disenfranchised by the Electoral College as it is presently constituted within 48 states, but the media and political party “powerful” aren’t explaining how the system works, why it was designed as it was. Instead, many people are working to circumvent or abolish it altogether. Read full articleWhat’s Wrong With the Electoral College?

Vote No on 779 Because Dark Money Funders CCOSA/OEA Use Education/Teacher Funds For Politics Instead of Raises - PART 1

I spent my entire morning reading both the Affidavit for Search Warrant for Chad Alexander’s cell phones (following his 2014 Controlled Dangerous Substance possession charge in May of 2014 – which led to the current charges against State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister and others) and all 32 pages of the Affidavit Of Probable Cause including the charges, the background, the investigation – all

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Pat Campbell 'Blows The Lid' On The Hofmeister Scandal

​Tulsa talk show host, Pat Campbell, discusses the Hofmeister scandal. Here are some highlights.Chad Alexander, in his earlier years, was a high powered lobbyist.A lot of politicians were connected to Alexander.Will more indictments be forthcoming, from the data on Alexander’s electronic devices?You do not want to screw around with David Prater.Known for crossing his ‘t’s. He usually puts forth just enough to get the indictment.Janet Barresi may be the happiest […]

Unindicted Co-Conspirator : Uncharged Third-Party

The United States government has never formally charged the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a civil and religious rights advocacy group, with an offense. However, this fact is lost on a sizeable number of people who hate and fear all things Muslim. And state legislatures, preceded by the Federal government, bear a significant part of […]

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Who Owns Your Politicians? A 4-Step Method To Find Out Online

  Oklahoma has made strides to bring some transparency to our politics. The State Ethics Commission now makes the candidates post up complete & accurate accounting of every dollar contributed and spent.  You can now find out which lobbyists already  made deals with which candidates. We can see which consulting firms are assisting which candidates.  This past week we saw the co-founder of the state’s mo […]

Jamison Faught:  My Picks for the 2016 General Election

With the election literally around the corner, here is how I plan to vote. I’ve focused on what will be on the ballot in Muskogee County, but also included some of the important, competitive legislative races throughout the state.President: Anybody but…