These Three Data Collection Bills Could Ruin Your Life

Though I’ve been remiss in my blogging life of late, information on several new bills coming up for votes in Congress this week (11.13.17), could have immense consequences on the ability of parents to control the personal data being shared pertaining to their children, and older students to control the amount of data being collected on themselves in relation to their college and work habits, and you need to share this information and contact your Congressman IMMEDIATELY ((202) 224-3121) to stop them.Read more »

R3publicans: Washington’s Wonderful World of Corruption

Washington’s Wonderful World of Corruption
Top officials sell out to anyone for anything
Philip Giraldi • November 7, 2017

One of the interesting side benefits, if one might call it that, of the everlasting investigation into Russiagate is the window provided on the extreme corruption of U.S. politicians and government officials. It has become evident that anyone can seemingly buy political and media support for nearly anything as long as enough money is put on the table. And worse, the sell-out has clearly been going on for some time, with the disease disproportionately afflicting former senior officials that have been engaged in national security.


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Sooner Politics: The Two Approaches to Budgeting

Former Florida Speaker, Daniel Webster  There is a fundamental divide in legislatures. And whoever the leader of a legislative body is, will determine how the budget is developed.  Oklahoma has rarely had a conservative budgeting process. It usually has devolved to a 3-month brainwashing of the legislators with a constant drip of doomsday projections. Then, in mid May the meat cleaver comes out and starts hacking away a […]

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Sooner Politics:  Dave Rader Wants To Change Oklahoma Constitution On Taxes

  The former football coach who now sits in the Oklahoma Senate now wants to end an arrangement that his legislature has seldom ever exercised. He wants to raise our taxes without asking our permission.  He posts rarely on social media, but he took the time and effort this past week to make his point.  In common theme with so many progressive arguments, he compares Oklahoma to the other states and declares us yet again to be 49th, in his way of thinkin […]

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Trump and Democrats Misread Mandates

Exclusive: Neither the Democrats nor President Trump learned the right lessons from the 2016 election, leaving the nation divided at home and bogged down in wars abroad, writes Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

One year ago, the American electorate delivered a confused but shocking result, the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, a quirky outcome in the Electoral College that put Trump in the White House even though Clinton got three million more votes nationally. But neither party appears to have absorbed the right lessons from that surprise ending.

President Donald Trump being sworn in on Jan. 20, 2017. (Screen shot from


[Editor’s note: To learn more about the history of the electoral college see Grassroots in Nebraska series here.]

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