Thanks to all our network feeds and groups and friends – please visit their websites to plug in directly with them and their activities!  In some instances, we provide additional information about these groups right here on this website.  We encourage you to get involved and be active with a team of folks in your own geographic area.

Place your elected officials on ‘speed dial’ and let them know your thoughts and the reasoning behind those thoughts often for best results!  Remember who works for whom out there.

Oklahoma Grassroots  (OKG) Network Feeds and Links:

Finding Gems & Sharing Them (Sandra Crosnoe)

Liberty on Tap – Tulsa

Meetups – Tulsa (32)

Muskogee Politico


Oklahoma Grassroots

Oklahoma Legislative Review (Archives on OKG only – formerly

R3publicans (featuring Coddingtons Corner and Mathers Musings)

ROPE 2.0 and blogspot

Sooner Politics

The Freedom Watch / Oklahoma tags

Tapp into Common Sense (Kenny Bob Tapp)

The Oklahoma Watchman (Richard Harris)

and some timely information from a few of our elected officials…

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