Sooner Politics:  How Dare They! Tulsa Public Schools Condemns Charter Schools

  The worst among us cannot muster the dignity to take correction for dismal failures. Instead they divert the discussion to how bad someone else is. We see this in little developing children, but we expect adults to act like adults.  We expect community 7 govt. leaders to even surpass the rest of us. But sadly the state’s largest public schools pay their superintendents twice the salary of our governor; and then watch them act worse than some of the juveni […]

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Sooner Politics:  Various Reflections On The 2019 OKGOP Convention

Liza GreveJust got home from the OK GOP State Convention and had to get my comfy shirt on that we each received as a “participation trophy”. ?We elected a new State Chair and Vice Chair! Congratulations David L. McLain and Mike Turner, and adopted a state party platform of solid conservative values and principles. Read it here:…/2019_OKGOP_Platform_Final_P…Senator Julie Daniels did a fabulous job chairing the event. She ke […]

Sooner Politics:  The New Oklahoma Republican Party Leadership

  The Oklahoma Republican Party reloaded with brand new leaders at the top of the organization. The former chair of Tulsa County Republicans, David McLain, received overwhelming support on the first ballot in a field of 3 candidates. The convention body of nearly 1000 delegates gave 70% support to McLain, followed by 22% for Oklahoma County former Chair, Daren Ward; and 8% for Darren Gantz of the Tulsa County Republican Mens Club. Vice Chair Michael Turner is a former state …

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  Oklahoma has held fast to the coveted 5th calendar slot for holding the Presidential Preference Primary Elections. Only 4 select regional ‘carve-out states are allowed to hold partisan selection events earlier than Oklahoma. The other side of this issue, is that unlike those four carved out states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, & Nevada), Oklahoma does not have exclusive rights to that “Super Tuesday” date.  In fact, some of the largest states in the nation now are…

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OKGOP Barred From Suspending Rules In Their Effort To Throw Out Rules

  The State GOP Chairman, Pam Pollard, is attempting to suspend the party bylaws in her effort to push through votes on several fundamental changes in how the OKGOP is structured, led, and what role ordinary citizens can have, in the political process.  She failed to give the mandated 10 days notice of the amendments which county Republican Conventions have produced. Some of those county amendment proposals weren’t even created until 6 days before the state […]

Sooner Politics:  Pollard Sends OKGOP Delegates A Tardy Report Of 12 Party Rule Change Ideas

OKGOP Chairman, Pam Pollard has failed to attend to a very important matter. Her unique duties include the matter of notifying County Delegations of very serious issues which will be attended to at an upcoming State Convention. It’s beyond mystifying that a woman with so much history in the party and so much experience at the state’s highest party leadership, would ignore so many phone calls and reminders from county officials about the need to send out notices of proposed amendments to our part […]

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Sooner Politics: Endorsement -- Nicole Nixon For Tulsa School Board

On April 2nd, many impacting elections will shape local Oklahoma communities, schools, and property tax rates.Tulsans have a chance to turn a corner on the educational policy nonsense has offended the sensibilities of the Tulsa area. Superintendent Gist has systematically undermined common sense for years with her social policy and cultural revolution. Parents & grandparents can finally do something about it. For too long there has been an absence of common sense […]

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