Fire Feeding Feds

The Feds are still feeding the Inflation fire. They might taper off on their bond buying spree but still plan to keep interest rates near zero. Meanwhile Republicans want to blame Democrats for raising the debt ceiling to make room for more fuel. Wall Street seems to have overcome its China angst, for now. It’s

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Wall Street out on a Ledge over China

Wall Street took a deep dive yesterday on news from China. Investors are afraid China’s biggest property developer, Evergrande Group, won’t be able to make payments on its debt. If that happens the company could collapse like Lehman Brothers in 2008 and take the economy down with it. To make matters worse the Wall Street

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Pipeline Shakedown

Cyber-hackers, known as DarkSide, broke into the Colonial Pipeline’s computer system. Once inside they encrypted the operating system and held the company hostage. That was a big deal because Colonial pumps refined fuel from the Gulf to the eastern United States. Gas prices immediately skyrocketed and people lined up 1970s style. Some stations even had

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Gas Hoarding: Latest Craze Since Pandemic

I get why people would stock up on gas after the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline. But the toilet paper thing during the pandemic I never quite figured out.
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Employment Numbers Short as Economy Booms

Friday’s employment numbers came in 800,000 short of expectations. Meanwhile, job openings go begging, proving this is still a capitalist country. If you pay Americans not to work that’s what they’ll do.
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Biden Goes Big with Itty Bitty Mandate

President Biden goes big with Franklin Roosevelt style spending. Democrats Ed Markey and Jerry Nadler even have a Supreme Court packing scheme. But what did FDR have that Joe Biden doesn’t have? A Depression. A world war. And a gigantic man…

Awaiting Orders

The Tulsa World reports that “medical leaders” are asking Oklahoma Governor Stitt to issue a shelter-in-place order.  The headline uses the word, “order,” but the letter to the governor, signed by fifteen medical organizations, uses the word, “pol…