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Philanthropic Tyranny

You who want to take from others by force to perform some “good” are promoting violence against your neighbors, your friends, and your families as well as those you dislike.

The “good” you seek does not wash away the violent means. It is not moral to take from others by force no matter that there will be some that benefit. It does not matter that you may not perceive the harm you are doing to others. It is there if only you are willing to consider.

To force others to labor for your desires is enslavement and theft no matter your good intentions.

This goes for all relationships, personal and otherwise, and yes, even governmental.

Shannon Grimes

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The Libertarian Party’s Intellectually Lazy Official Position on Abortion

The Libertarian Party platform establishes the following stance on the issue of abortion:

1.5 Abortion

Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.

While couched in libertarian language, this plank of the platform leaves much to be desired, particularly if it is to be used as a reference or even a premise by which libertarian policy should be pursued. The issue of abortion is obviously a contentious one, and there are indeed good-faith views on all sides of the issue. However, as the party of principle, it is imperative that the Libertarian Party offer a position on the issue that is grounded in principle, and from which reasonable libertarian policy can be derived. The wording of the platform with regard to this issue does not provide this guidance, instead, it seems to be content with side stepping an issue that the libertarian philosophy is uniquely qualified to address with clarity. The inability to directly address an issue through the platform encourages the false dichotomy of the “pro-choice/pro-life” divide to infect the party. The platform position does not address the issues of life or liberty that are fundamental to the abortion debate, and that the libertarian philosophy is perfectly suited to address. Finally, the libertarian position on abortion overlooks and dismisses an important issue for women.

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Unindicted Co-Conspirator : Uncharged Third-Party

The United States government has never formally charged the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a civil and religious rights advocacy group, with an offense. However, this fact is lost on a sizeable number of people who hate and fear all things Muslim. And state legislatures, preceded by the Federal government, bear a significant part of […]

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October Gathering – State Questions

We will be discussing the state questions that will be on the ballot in November. Read the full bill and/or study up on them and we’ll discuss them Thursday. SQ 776: Constitutional Amendment on the Death Penalty State Question 777: Constitutional Limits on Regulation of Agriculture State Question 779: Sales Tax for Education State Questions […]

Welcome to the Freakshow

I have to weigh in on this “Clown Craze”. Surely you all have seen the stories about the “menacing” clowns (many unsubstantiated). It finally made news here in Oklahoma. Menacing clown trend hits Green Country, local school responds to threats Not that there have been any actual “clown sightings” (do you laugh too when you […]

Thoughts From An Anarchist Tree Hugger

Confession: I am a tree hugger. I love trees. I love being in nature. I’m an herbalist, a gardener, a fewer-chemicals-the-better kind of gal. I abhor litter bugs. I care about the environment. I am also an anarchist so I do not advocate state solutions. I acknowledge that many of the environmental issues are blown […]

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August Gathering – Kaye Beach on Biometric IDs and Personal Information - August 18th

Kaye Beach, Oklahoma’s resident expert on biometric ID, will be our guest speaker this month. She will explain what biometric ID is, where it is being used now, and bring us up to speed on the latest efforts of the State to obtain our most personal information and why we should pay attention to this issue. You might be surprised where and how your biometric data is being obtained and used!